* Fulfilling Saturday

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Saturday’s are my busiest work day. As a yoga teacher and mentor for teachers, today is the day when most people can come to class or attend a workshop.

I love it! But it does take me away from my regular check ins on WordPress, and being as available for my husband Don.

Today was a very good day. I woke up and checked in with DonΒ to see how his night went. He is going through a new round of chemotherapy for skin cancer that has metastasized to his lungs. He slept well last night, but didn’t have the energy to get up to feed and water the dogs or have breakfast with us. So I did the doggy duty before getting ready to teach a gentle yoga flow class at 9.00.

I am so appreciative of my regular students who show up no matter what, even when others have escaped to the shore or the beach for the weekend. (Its a big thing here around Philly!)

After class I set up for a Restorative Yoga workshop. Three new people appeared ready to relax and be restored! They brought humor and a willingness to go with this strange and intimidating yoga stuff.

As I watched the participants let go and connect to their physical body and breath, it was wonderful to hear at the end “I never thought I would last for an hour and a half, but I wanted it to go forever”. So many of us have forgotten how to let go and relax as part of our daily living. We don’t need a class to sign up for, but we do need to be aware how essential relaxation is for our well being.

restorative yoga

We talked about starting a gentle beginners class to introduce them to more yoga in a safe and nurturing environment.
I hope I never forget how intimidating yoga might sound to people, until they experience it for themselves in a way that they are ready for.

After a snack I met with a yoga teacher as part of catching up with my signature program mentoring yoga teachers. A new insight and discovery of a way to be true to herself and keep her students safe was embraced πŸ’›

Saturday is a time of practice, teaching and inspiring others to tune in to their own wisdom, be open to new knowledge and integrate it into their very being.

happy day

Saturdays are no longer “leisure” to me but one of the most meaningful happy days of the week.

When I left the studio I stopped off and got some great looking Norwegian Β salmon for dinner. (Almost as good as Scottish!). Β I soaked a cedar plank and we had delicious grilled salmon.
Don came down and manned the grill. He was able to eat and said he enjoyed his meal.

This has become an awesome day. 🌞

Gratitude to all of you who touch my life and expand the love and connection is so many ways.


46 thoughts on “* Fulfilling Saturday

  1. Good to hear that you are able to be present for your students on these days (with a husband who is so unwell). I’m sure they all appreciate your time.

    It must be a real treat for Don to be able to enjoy the goodness of some healthy food at this time. I hope he is able to finish the chemo with minimal side effects. It is not an easy time and I hope he is able to be more active in the future.

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    • Thank you dear Paul. It was not my story to tell earlier on. It now a part of our lives and is no longer a story. πŸ’›
      Sending love to you and Jean. May we all embrace life and keep each other safe and loved.

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  2. I am glad you were able to be with your students. I appreciate the people who give up s traditional weekend to be there for people who have no other choice but to do these things on Sat/Sun. I’m also glad Don was able to join you for dinner. I have to note a bit of irony, being busy teaching others to relax πŸ™‚ I hope you can relax yourself today.

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  3. Oh Val, I’m so happy you experienced such a wonderful, peaceful day of connecting! Yesterday was a very spiritual day for me also. I send you, and Don, beautiful white healing energy that will massage your soul. Yesterday I came across a lengthy meditation healing I had written some time ago. I had been having a problem with a tweaked muscle that just wouldn’t give up. I read the healing poem, and almost instantly I felt the release. I thought about putting it on my blog, as I had in the past, but I hesitated just like I did the last time I thought about it. I’m not sure why…something about not feeling “qualified” to offer such a thing. Now I realize that it is selfish to think this way…as I don’t take credit for any of the words that express through me…why would this be different? I hope to get this posted on my blog this morning…I think I will add it as a page.
    I hope you get to read it with Don and that your spirits are touched by it. Much love to you both β™‘ May you experience peace and healing.

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  4. I didn’t realize you are in Philly. I’m only about 90 minutes away, and yes, the shore on the weekend is a big thing to those who can get there in an hour. We go to LBI ourselves. Thinking good thoughts and sending positive vibes to you and your husband.

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  5. Saturdays have been a funny day in my life. I had a standard Mon-Fri job and Saturday was the errand day. Then I worked in a creative field and Saturday was a very busy work day much like your day. Now I’m retired and Saturday is a day we tend to stay home out of the way of all those crazy working people. I’m glad your day was full of rewarding sessions and I hope the best for your husband. Cancer is so prevalent these days and treatments have certainly improved but they are still taxing and people are still dying of it. I want to hear a happy ending for Don.

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  6. I’m glad you are helping so many people learn to slow down and connect with their bodies through restorative yoga! You’re right, the introduction to yoga is crucial…I almost gave up when the first thing my teacher told me in my first class was to “Do a head stand against the wall. Just do it!” But I found the right teacher and the right class for me, and I’m so glad. Good yoga teachers are worth their weight in gold. And best wishes for healing for your husband.

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    • Love that quote Nancy … And your thoughtful inspiration. Thank you. πŸ’•
      We got a vitamix last week and I surprised him earlier with a pretty good spinach grape and carrot smoothie. He’s the chef, but he does appreciate my efforts! Those are the moments when we pause and smile 😊


  7. I love my yoga class and we often do restorative. It is so good to just stop, breathe deeply and let go. We could use that every day!
    Sending healing light and blessings to you and Don. ❀


  8. I have a friend who teaches yoga and your post inspired me to talk to him about ways I might begin to tip my toes into the yoga waters. I’m one who has been intimidated by yoga. I’m out of shape, overweight, and my physical balance (while fairly poor to begin with) is now greatly impaired by two medicines. Thank you for the gift of your inspiring post!

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  9. I am happy to hear you and Don had a good day yesterday. Your busy day doesn’t sound stressful, on the contrary, and the Norwegian salmon sounds delicious. Sending you both warm thoughts of healing πŸ’•

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  10. Val- thank you for checking in on mine. You have plenty going on in your own life. It must be hard staying positive and cheerful for your husband, and I’m glad you find strength and happiness through your yoga. I tried it a long time ago and couldn’t relax into it. I probably need a teacher like you. πŸ™‚ I do enjoy t’ai chi though. Wishing you and your husband well!

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