* Be Present, Not Perfect

This is a re-blog of one of my first posts on being present. It is the foundation from which everything else has evolved in my life, and on this blog.
Over the years I have let go of trying to be perfect and embraced just the way I am – imperfect and real. May you enjoy this refresher as I did today 💛

Find Your Middle Ground

Inner Reflection

Many of us strive to be perfect. We think that if we achieve perfection, then all will be well. We’ll find the confidence and certainty that we yearn for. When we are perfect, others will love us more and we will be happy. We’re so used to driving and pushing forward in our lives.

I see it in some yoga classes where the students are wanting to attain the perfect pose…. whether their body is capable of it or not. Ouch! It can end with physical harm as well as disillusionment.
I see it with some coaching clients who want to find the perfect job, where they have the best supportive boss, do only the things they love to do and there is no conflict. It ends with constantly seeking something better, and ongoing disappointment.

Striving for perfection can be a real burden on our mind, body and spirit.


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24 Comments on “* Be Present, Not Perfect

  1. Definitely no such thing as a perfect person, according to my big bro. Always find his words very useful and consoling. Your post made me think of him uttering them to me years and years ago!

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  2. This is lovely, Val. I love the line about the quieter inner voice that wants to be okay just the way you are. I’m so glad you re-posted this one. By the way, your new background photo is stunning!

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    • Glad you enjoyed the re-post Carol.
      The background photo is of the lentil fields in Italy. Who knew lentils had such beautiful colored flowers! We visited there out of season when it was green yet still beautiful!

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  3. This is interesting because I never strove for perfection – not even as a child. Back then, I did not know why and years later, I gave words and thoughts to my behaviour. Attaining perfection meant – the journey ends – and for me, the fun is in the journey. I admit that like all brief statements – many can find potholes in what I said.
    Thank you, Val, for re-posting.
    All good wishes,

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