* Haiku – Quietude



Sit in quietude

Witness being with yourself

Find your Middle Ground


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To find our more about finding your middle ground, follow this link.


32 Comments on “* Haiku – Quietude

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  2. “Witness being with yourself” A wonderful reminder Val to observe my feelings and any stress I am holding. It is the gift we can give ourselves. Thank you ❤️❤️💖

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  3. Really nice haiku, Val. It is sweet and powerful to witness being with ourselves.

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  4. I’m packing for a move. I’m witnessing myself being slowly surrounded by boxes, and I’m wishing I never bought anything….ever. I’m feeling stressed!! Wish I felt calmer, but alas…..

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    • This too shall pass … Moving is so stressful even with the best of landing and foresight. May tomorrow be easier 💛


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