find your middle ground


Realize deeply

You are not the thoughts you hear

Find Your Middle Ground


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19 comments on “* Haiku – thoughts

  1. This is so magical and extraordinary, Val.

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  2. Love it! It is important not to believe everything we tell ourselves.

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  3. This is the truth Val. Our thoughts and beliefs need to be challenged and changed if needed. 🙂

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  4. Just wonderful!

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  5. Workin’ on that!

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  6. Very true.. we often open ourselves to a lot of babbling which is often our thoughts repeating what we have heard from others.. When we quieten the mind and really listen.. there is not alot to be said 🙂 Hugs for all you share.. and enjoy your weekend Val.. xx

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  7. We are also the feeling we feel, right…
    Nice one, Val… best to you. Aquileana 🙂

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