* Brilliant Minds Are Not Enough

brilliant mind

Even brilliant minds recognize  that they alone cannot relieve their own distress.

“Man is never helped in his suffering by what he thinks for himself, but only by revelation of a wisdom greater than his own. It is this which lifts him out of his distress.” ~ Carl Jung

“No problem can be solved from the same level of thinking that created it.” ~ Albert Einstein

We can’t simply think ourselves out of our struggle. Yet we spend painful hours trying to do just that.

To relieve distress, it requires a bigger perspective and wisdom beyond what we know.

This is the time to recognize that we may not be able to solve our own problem and find peace.

The revelation comes when we can ask for help, and trust in what is unknown.

This takes courage from the heart.

When we allow our heart to speak, transformation becomes possible.

Don’t let the ego win this battle … it will never find the peace you yearn for.

50 thoughts on “* Brilliant Minds Are Not Enough

    • The “terribleness” comes from the messages we were told when we were young, our beliefs about being in this state and our own experience. Beyond judgement is a recognition and acceptance that we may not know the answers …. And that’s okay. Xo

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      • I think the ‘terribleness’ emanates from a sense of feeling rejected at a time of need, especially when we have followed the message of childhood to be sure not to bottle stuff up and try to resolve everything without seeking help. It’s about our expectations of fellow human beings. I guess everyone has different expectations but few like having doors slammed on their sensitivities. Clearly this doesn’t happen all that often but it sure leaves its mark and a reluctance to ask again. Obviously, this can have major implications for people with mental health problems, like depression.

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        • Thank you for expanding your thinking on this Jean. I agree. Rejection feels terrible to a child and the fear of it happening again still lives on in our own inner child. Some call it the first “wound of the heart” which may never heal.


          • I think, in many ways, it’s worse if one has not suffered rejection as a child and has built up a trust in mankind and then encounters the rejection later in life. It comes as a total shock. There’s a lot to be said for not wrapping children up in fairy tales as life ain’t like that, unfortunately!

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    • Thank you for this perspective Claire. Interesting! I see it more as a recognition in the mind, rather than a force of the will. One is accepting of “what is” the other is overcoming something that is “wrong”.

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  1. I am working on ‘and’ this year to let go of my either/or thinking. Which means I must see myself as Ego AND Soul. Challenging And Important for me to achieve so that I do not see it as a battle of ego over soul.

    Love your brilliance. Thx Val.

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  2. I have long known Val that I alone can not solve all that I seek too.. And so I constantly ask those invisible realms for guidance and strength, to lead me by following my heart… Not always as easy as it sounds for the head/Ego often steps in to trip and trap us with its goading..
    Trusting in a Divine Plan is the Key… Learning to open our hearts just needs us to find the Truth within.. and then Place the Key within to unlock our hearts .. 🙂

    Many thanks Val for your Wisdom..
    ❤ Blessings Sue

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  3. You have such truthful insight, Val. It really inspires me. Love each quote you posted as well. I try to tame my own ego every day with a good dose of humility to keep my perspective in check. Seems like there is a lot to keep in check to find balance and peace in life! But I think it can be done if it’s approached on a day-by-day basis. Thank you for the inspiration – needed it today! 🙂

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  4. Going into pedant mode here Val, as I think the phrasing of the Einstein quote may well be a corruption which came about through the original having coalesced with concepts in Developmental Psychology, which itself stresses ‘levels of thought’.

    In 1946, Einstein said in an interview with Michael Amrine (New York Times Magazine) entitled: ‘The Real Problem is in the Hearts of Men’:

    ‘Many persons have inquired concerning a recent message of mine that “a new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move to higher levels”.’

    So, the point is, if I’m correct, that he only ever referred to ‘types’ of thinking, not ‘levels of consciousness’. The ‘higher levels’ he refers to are, I think, more to do with society functioning above the ubiquitous Militarism and Nationalism that prevailed during, between and after the two world wars that came and went in his lifetime.

    Either way, the message in the quote you cite is perfectly and clear and well worth taking on board, of course. H ❤

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  5. Support, guidance and wisdom have been essential in my growth Val. By opening my heart, mind and spirit to others, I have found an abundance of love and wisdom to learn from. We all have something to give one another.

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  6. Val, so often we think we should take care of our inner selves when really we should focus on our health and outer selves. The way you explained this made it abundantly clear, we cannot take care of everything on our own. I think once we embrace this fully, we become free of so much weight we place on our own shoulders. Hugs for this, Val!

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  7. I’ve been feeling a lot of distress lately about my recent posts about Anthony’s malevolent brother, some of which I’ve gone back and deleted, others of which I’ve gone back and edited. I feel caught between wanting to tell the truth of how this brother bullied Anthony, and how this was a contributing factor to all of Anthony’s illnesses – and forgiving again (his latest antics). I have incurred the wrath of this brother’s daughter so am feeling wretched. Any suggestions?


    • Sometimes we have to choose between doing what is right in a bigger context (for everyone) or being right in our own thinking. This post is about going beyond our own thinking. Please contact me directly if you want to talk more Julie. 💛


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