open to receive

“Everything comes to us that belongs to us, if we create the capacity to receive it.”

~ Rabindranath Tagore

* Do you have the capacity to receive what is ready to be given?

* What is it that belongs to us that we do not have?

These are powerful questions to ask as we look towards a New Year.
At a time when we are bombarded with setting goals to be become better, thinner, healthier, more successful, etc, etc, etc … this quote made me pause and reflect on how ridiculous New Year Resolutions really are.
They give our ego something to focus on, and our mind a challenge. Resolutions are engaging and stimulating, yet they take us away from who we already are.

The answer is not to reach for something outside of ourselves, but to connect to who we really are. Then we are ready to receive the abundance that life has to offer.

There is nothing wrong with who you are. There is no need for a New You this year!  Instead get to know more about who you are. When we look inwards with curiosity and compassion, a shift happens and things start falling into place around us.

It isn’t magic. Its just a different way of being in this world.

Instead of letting our ego be in charge (being fearful and looking out for ourselves) we become aware and present, more authentic, and loving and kind.  We realize that happiness lies in the present moment, and we let ourselves open up to what unfolds.

In this way we have the capacity to receive what belongs to us all.


37 comments on “* Inspiration – Everything Comes To Us

  1. Yes! This makes so much sense! Good stuff, Val. 🙂

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  2. Very beautiful Val and also very true.
    In less good times I realized that I needed to find the faith and open up for my inner abundance. To release the past and open my eyes for a new day.

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  3. Love this, Val. Resolutions are distractions. Trying to be something or someone else keeps us from who we really are.

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  4. It’s been years since I’ve created lists of betterment projects for New Year’s.

    Now I focus on the intention to remain grounded in the Now.
    Awake and Aware.
    With alert curiosity.
    And allow life to unfold.

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  5. Thank you for the wise and timely reminder, Val. Happy New Year! May your continue to rediscover all of your greatness and goodness and share them with the world.

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  6. Love this, Val! I posted today about my new year concentrations….areas that I want to study more…move deeper into this understanding about and of myself. I am so grateful to be a part of this community because I learn so much and most important…I feel so connected. I wish you peace and love, Val…it’s really pretty simple. Many blessings ♡♡

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  7. Isn’t it nice to know there’s nothing wrong with us? Excellent words, Val!

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  8. Wonderful advice Val and great thoughts as we move into 2016. Happy New Year lovely friend. May peace and love shine on you always.

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  9. There is nothing wrong with who you are….I love that paragraph. Thank you for a great reminder to learn more about who I am and less about what I think the world wants me to be.

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  10. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Beautiful words Val and I love the image. Happy New Year. May we all continue to walk along the path, learning from each other as we go. It is a lovely community here on WP. I just love it.
    Peace, Love and Blessings

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  11. Beautiful Val – love this! In the same we look for the good in others and embrace, we should do the same for ourselves. Happy New Year! ❤
    Diana xo

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  13. Wonderful post Val. Thank you.

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  14. Carol Ferenc

    Val, this is one of my favorite posts ever. So inspiring!

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    • Gosh, thank you so much Carol. The posts that resonate are the ones that we feel we are ready to fully embrace. May the New Year bring love, joy and an opening of the heart and spirit 💕

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  15. I half agree with this and half do not. I think we need to look inside ourselves for answers but there is always the capacity to better ourselves. We do not have to accept the way we are. We can change.

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    • There is a place between accepting who we are and changingg. don’t need to reject or dismiss who we are

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      • I understand what you mean (I think). Do you mean we first have to accept in ourselves the not-so-nice bits in order to change those bits, or do you mean we should stop trying to be so perfect?


  16. Sorry I hit the send button too soon. I think that we can accept who we are and still change without rejecting who we are. We grow rather than try to become something different outside if our self!
    Happy New Year Elizabeth!


    • I see what you mean now. And that is good advice. The ‘growing’ bit as opposed to ‘changing’. I think there is still that tendency (in me) to feel I need to change into something different, rather than use talents within me I already have in order to grow. Thanks.

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  17. LOVE this Val, thank you! ❤

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  18. meenawalia

    Awesome post with some really good advice.Thanks for sharing.

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