* Haiku – year end transition



Reflect on this year

with kind sight and gratitude

Say cheers and go forth


A simple message as we transition from one year to the next.

This is a time to pause, yet the world continues to turn, and life keeps going in its own rhythm of highs and lows.

Be with it all my friends.

Live life fully now, not in a future filled with “should’s” or hope filled imaginings.

Remember, everything happens in the present.

Plan ahead, and live each moment well.

64 thoughts on “* Haiku – year end transition

    • Thanks Jill! It’s so easy to get caught up in all the hype for:
      A new year. A new you!
      Ten must have tips to create the life of your dreams!
      Three most surprising steps for happiness!
      What no one will ever tell you about New Year Resolutions!
      The secret to long term success beginning this New Year!
      …. xo

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  1. Val, I like your play on words with “hind sight” and kind sight. This is something I used to investigate in my past posts. I like to think of words as ways to play.
    I will always tend to feel that looking at the positive side at least keeps the viewer happy. Sometimes the people around also receive the benefits, then it goes around again. Happy new beginnings, 2016, to you and yours.

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  2. I love that – “kind sight and gratitude.” Beautiful. What started out as a typo for me, but I like it, and have been using it, and it fits with this post. Happy NOW Year!


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