* Inspiration – Everything Comes To Us

open to receive

“Everything comes to us that belongs to us, if we create the capacity to receive it.”

~ Rabindranath Tagore

* Do you have the capacity to receive what is ready to be given?

* What is it that belongs to us that we do not have?

These are powerful questions to ask as we look towards a New Year.
At a time when we are bombarded with setting goals to be become better, thinner, healthier, more successful, etc, etc, etc … this quote made me pause and reflect on how ridiculous New Year Resolutions really are.
They give our ego something to focus on, and our mind a challenge. Resolutions are engaging and stimulating, yet they take us away from who we already are.

The answer is not to reach for something outside of ourselves, but to connect to who we really are. Then we are ready to receive the abundance that life has to offer.

There is nothing wrong with who you are. There is no need for a New You this year!  Instead get to know more about who you are. When we look inwards with curiosity and compassion, a shift happens and things start falling into place around us.

It isn’t magic. Its just a different way of being in this world.

Instead of letting our ego be in charge (being fearful and looking out for ourselves) we become aware and present, more authentic, and loving and kind.  We realize that happiness lies in the present moment, and we let ourselves open up to what unfolds.

In this way we have the capacity to receive what belongs to us all.


* Use “Kind Sight” for the Past Year and Year Ahead

As we come to the end of 2013, its natural to reflect on the year that has gone by, as well as to look forward to the new year ahead. I’m happy to announce that I have dropped New Year Resolutions for myself and clients. no new years resolutionsGetting into action in the dead of winter is just too darn hard! (If I lived in the Southern Hemisphere it might be somewhat easier).

For me, its  a time for reflection and semi-hibernation before the juices start flowing again in early spring! So instead of New Year Resolutions I  practice “kind sight” instead.

This is a journalling exercise that you can do at a quiet moment now that the rush of the Holidays is over. I like to think of this as a Middle Ground moment. A time for being present, reflecting and allowing our inner wisdom to inspire us for whatever comes next.

Take a few moments to let yourself get settled and comfortable. Start by reflecting with “kind sight”on the past year. “Kind sight” simply means being kind to yourself, instead of being critical and hard on yourself. With “kind sight” we are able to see mistakes as lessons, and life’s challenges as times of resiliency and personal growth.

Ask yourself the following questions and write down your answers:

What happened during 2013…

What was a highlight?woman journaling

What was a lowlight?

What was a surprise?

What do I feel proud of?

What do I feel grateful for?

What did I learn (or am still learning) from either the highlights or lowlights?

Some people do a month by month reflection, while others evaluate each area of their life (career, family, health, hobbies, learning, contribution, spirituality, travel, environment, self-care, personal growth)

Once you’ve reflected on 2013, write a Future Gratitude Letter:

Dear future meThis is a letter to yourself written a year in advance, describing all the things that you are grateful for during the year. Start with the date December 31 2014 and address it to yourself.

Include who you’ve become and what you now have or are moving towards.  Be careful not to include anything that feels like a “have to” goal or something that you “should” achieve.

This is a letter of “kind sight” for the year ahead. The key is in the energy.  If your energy feels uplifted when you think about the things you’re grateful for in a year’s time, then you are tapping into your own inner wisdom.

It’s a wonderful process, very revealing and enlightening, especially over the next year. Let the creative tension and intention begin it’s journey!