when the chips are down


When the chips are down

be grateful for your journey

and take a deep breath


Nothing has gone wrong

Its time to change perspective

Find your Middle Ground


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34 comments on “* Haiku – when the chips are down

  1. In the Stillness of Willow Hill

    There is great freedom in finally ceasing the judgement of everything that happens in our lives as “bad” or “good”.

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  2. I always try to be grateful for my journey Val. ❤
    Diana xo

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  3. yes! it is just my judgements interfering with my finding value in every aspect of my journey.

    Hugs Val.

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  4. This spoke to my heart today. I am grateful for your sharing. Thank you xo

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  5. A different perspective can always change our view!. So true Val.

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  6. Having a grateful heart makes everything easier, doesn’t it, Val? ❤

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  7. i’m encouraged
    to pick up
    my chips 🙂

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  8. Thanks for helping us change perspective, Val! ❤

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  10. A welcome message. Thanks Val!

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  11. Good reminder, perspective is everything and an attitude adjustment can make a world of difference! It’s time to be grateful 🙂

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  12. Yes! It isn’t what happens to us, it is how we perceive it that matters.

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  13. A great reminder Val! Keeping things in perspective while changing perspective can be tricky ❤

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  14. A lovely reminder!

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  15. Thanks for the pep talk we can always change the way we think and re-direct with a new positive attitude Val.

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  16. OH did this one speak to me especially …. “Its time to change perspective”. I deliberately go out with Mother today to seek solutions that I KNOW are there yet are still not seen by me. Middle Ground ….. I best find that in Nature. Bless you, Val, for this confirmation!! ❤


  17. What a lovely reminder, Val — thanks so very much. Gratitude is such a humbling and brightening activity. 🙂

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