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“Remember the emphasis on the heart. The mind lives in doubt and the heart lives in trust. When you trust, suddenly you become centered.” ~ Osho

I recall reading this quote for the first time. I was doubting a choice I made and was unsure about the decision. I was tying myself up in knots trying to figure out if it was the “right” choice or not. I felt uneasy, unsettled and somewhat lost with where I found myself.

When I read Osho’s words the shift from mind thinking to heartfelt intuition was immediate. I was able to let go. In my heart I knew that things would work out… even although my mind couldn’t get around it all.

And so it was.
Looking back, life always seems to work out in its own way.

When we open our hearts, we allow ourselves to open into a new way of being. One of trust and love.

How do you relate to this quote?

41 thoughts on “* Inspiration – heart and mind

  1. I think that both the heart and mind are equally important to make decisions. While the heart tells us to go with our instincts, the mind tries to make logical sense of the situation my constantly asking questions. They both help us understand a situation from two different perspectives. The deciding factor will ultimately depend on the situation you are in.

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  2. Again, and perhaps I’m beginning to sound like a stuck record Val, I think it’s both. For me there is such a thing as healthy doubt which spurs us on to what you so effectively call “Our Middle Ground.” Sometimes, “mind thinking” is absolutely imperative. I agree, there are moments when intuition outstrips mind thinking and kind of runs out ahead of it, but there is also what has been called intuition which has caused great harm because of no thinking behind it. So I kind of see them in a dance with one another with moments where one or the other may take the lead. You asked me how I relate to the quote. That’s how I see it. 🙂

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      • I was thinking about your post before I read Don’s reply. Don had written what I was sensing. That is that the heart and mind are two halves of a whole. A little like having a rational and subjective response to something.

        Osho’s quotation speaks to the importance of knowing ourselves as well as we can. Of knowing how the mind can get in the way of our inner instincts, our heart speaking, as it were. Oft repeated but never truer, “Until one really knows oneself, one can never really know another.”

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  3. I think it’s true, and the other day I put it into action. I was deeply distressed about something, and I needed to make a call to give someone disappointing news. I had time, so I meditated with the intention to find clarity and the right words. They came to me and it worked out very well. (for some reason, Val, I can’t “like” your posts anymore, request to be notified of new comments or post with my Sonnische.wordpress.com identity. Something technical?)

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    • What a lovely example of awareness and taking mindful action Sunny!
      I’m not sure what has happened with the like button. I have found that it happens sometimes on others sites and there corrects itself. I haven’t changed anything at this end. If you are using the App you may want to update it to see if that makes a difference. We may be out of synch as far as versions go …


  4. Like Don, I tend to use my heart and my head to steer. I weigh pros and cons with my head to reach a decision. Then I “swallow” that decision to see what my “gut instinct” has to say about it. If they are in accord, I trust that I am on the right path.

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  5. For me, the mind and heart (thinking and feeling) work well together in ego world. On the other hand, the Heart is what centers me in true Trust. Intuition is somewhere in middle ground. I am trusting that more as I get older as well.

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  6. I get what you’re saying, Val. I, too, had one of those gut-wrenching decisions to make ~ weighing all the red flags in my mind against my heartaches ~ hoping to fix things. In the end I trusted my heartfelt intuition, knowing whatever way I chose it wasn’t going to be easy. ❤

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  7. I think the quote for me is about movement and stasis Val. Thought and prevarication are time-based, and we enter a stasis whilst they play out to a resolution. When we respond instinctively, life has a greater sense of movement to it. I think the better we know ourselves, the more we are able to respond instinctually, yet absenting the pitfalls that other commenters have highlighted in so doing. H ❤

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    • Thank you Hariod for bringing in this perspective of movement and stasis. ❤
      I like the idea of bringing in natural flow and also knowing ourselves well. The more we know ourselves the more we are able to trust our instincts. It happens to many of us with age, because we have more experiences of decisions and choices in our lives to refer back on – consciously or not!

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  8. I have been going through a place in my life where I have to make some decisions. Where do I want to go with my life and what I am ding. Should I follow the safer path or the one that truly calls my name. One leads to security and the other is uncertain. The more I moved toward surety and security the harder the lump in my heart. But when I finally made that choice to go where my heart was leading everything seemed to be clearer. There was no lump of pain only peace and the beginnings of confidence. Thank you for sharing that quote. It put into words what I have been experiencing.


    • Thank you lj for sharing your story here. I’m happy that the lump of pain has been released around your heart! It takes courage to take action from our heart when our mind is afraid. Follow your path with all your heart, and come from this space when moments of doubts come up along the way. 💛

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    • Yesterday, I focused on the quote in the context of decision making. Today, I focused on the quote in the context of living, not deciding. My thoughts:

      When life seems too iffy (and precarious) or I feel off balance (and out of sorts), the fastest way for me to move from shifting sands of doubt to being grounded in the Here and Now is to meditate on two words . . .

      Love and Gratitude.

      In that space, I stop rowing and put down the oars. Peace surfaces. Life flows. And I allow the path to unfold before me.

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  9. Val, your quote hit a chord. Reminded me of:

    It has come to my attention that many of you are trying to stop your thoughts, control your thoughts. You cannot really do this. Trying to stop your thoughts, as Ramana Maharshi says, is like a thief becoming a policeman to catch the thief. In other words, the thief that becomes the policeman will not catch the thief, because he’s a thief himself. And so it is with our minds. When we use the mind to stop the thoughts, the mind will not stop the thoughts at all, because the mind wants to go on living. Stopping the thoughts is annihilating the mind, and the mind does not wish to be annihilated. The mind wants to live on, to fill you full of nonsense, superstitions. Therefore we do not try to stop thoughts. What do we really do? We do absolutely nothing. By doing absolutely nothing, the mind will begin to slow down.

    – Robert Adams


    • Great quote DK! I haven’t heard this. What comes to me is that letting go is the most transformational step I have ever taken. Stop trying to make things happen and be ready to surrender instead. So counter intuitive, baffling and … Ultimately freeing!

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  10. Good! You have put one Post on Osho.
    Osho is for people like you, who have understood basics of the philosophy of what he means. It catches like fire.
    You may read more of Him to get to know more of ……
    Many have misunderstood him or not understood at all.
    I think it needs some blessings too.
    He shall take you to the middle ground as to what you mean.
    Good going at the middle-ground.

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