* Back from Travels

Firth of Forth

Thrill of adventure
Joy and anticipation
Going with the flow.

Accept the ego’s
controlling reassurance
Bowing to the new.

Growing horizons
Loving moments filled with joy.
Travel from the soul.

All behind me now
The old world out of balance
To be born anew

In the Middle Ground.

It was a great trip, with some wonderful times with family. I’m looking forward to catching my breath and catching up over the next few days. xo

43 thoughts on “* Back from Travels

    • Thanks Don! It was a trip of highs and lows – I caught a fly type virus in the plane to Italy and was out for 3 days … But put in a bigger perspective, the highs balanced out the lows. I feel very grateful to say Yes – It Was a Great Trip!


    • Thanks so much T.
      As we explored the Borders and enjoyed their unique presence I thought of you and your recent retreat. With family the dynamic is different … Yet the appreciation of the land is so real ๐Ÿ˜Š


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