* Titanic Flow

This usually brings a smile in my yoga classes. If you can’t join me this morning, I thought you might appreciate it too! This yoga flow for the shoulders and arms, is a great way counteract using keyboard, iPads and smartphones as well as driving.  Release your shoulders and open your heart.

Titanic flow

Stand tall at the bow of the ship with open arms. Feel the ocean breeze. (Visualizing Leo DeCaprio is optional).

As you inhale open sternum and shoulders as far as is comfortable. Palms face forward.

On the exhale slowly bring hands towards each other until palms touch.

Inhale open arms and gentling squeeze shoulder blades towards each other. 

Exhale, brings palms together.

Continue moving slowly with breath 4 more times.

On last exhale pause and bring hands to heart center.

Release arms behind back and interlace fingers. On the inhale lengthen spine and gently pull arms towards the floor and away from the body. 

Pause and breathe here.

With each exhale imaging the tops of your shoulders melting

Release arms to sides and pause. Notice the energy moving around shoulders and arms.

For a short guided practice, you may enjoy listening to this recording of my voice:


Gratitude to Kripalu gentle yogi Rudy Peirce for the inspiration!

22 Comments on “* Titanic Flow

  1. Soon, Val, I will be able to do this, fully. By that I mean I already do a variation of the opening–until the release arms to the back–thank you for posting this.

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  2. Nicccccceeeeeeeeeee. I actually went to a yoga class at 8 this morning – it lasted until 9:45! The yoga instructor helped stretch out muscles I didn’t even know I had! 🙂 Thank you for YOUR yoga stretch. Namaste.

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  3. Thank you, Val. That was timely! Have been sitting and working too much today. Ooh, feels good 🙂


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