* Into Perfect Peace Meditation

I recorded this 2 minute meditation for those of you who (1) would like to take a mindful pause in your day and/or (2) are curious to hear my voice. I’m not sure of the quality of the audio. Please let me know how it comes over.

And now settle in and come into the present moment with me.

 yoga val on Westport Beach Kintyre

“To find yourself in a relaxed, peaceful place. Just taking a few deep breaths. Letting go of everything out side of this space. And in this moment allow yourself to fall into the deepest part of yourself.

With each full breath allow yourself to fall outside of the world of time, the world of change, and into the part of yourself that was never involved in any of it.

This which is already at peace, deeply at ease. Allow yourself to fall into a place where nothing ever happened and nothing will ever happen. Into perfect peace.

With each inhale and exhale, simply allowing everything to be as it is in this moment. No need for anything to be any particular way. Falling into a part of the self that’s utterly unperturbed by anything that happens in this world.

There is no relationship to anything at all. At peace with everything. Free of everything. Always perfect peace, perfect stillness and fullness and freedom.

This is pure being itself. Just be.”

Thank you for joining me in this meditation.


38 thoughts on “* Into Perfect Peace Meditation

  1. I agree with the others – beautiful voice, and a lovely short meditation. This would be helpful for people like me, who work hours every day (even weekends) on a computer. I like it, and have shared it with a friend.

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  2. How delightful! Exactly what I needed this afternoon as I count down the days to our wedding and finalize the last things to do. A two minute break where your lovely voice with its delicate Scottish overtones brought me back to just being. Divine!

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