* Ego is Like a Block of Ice

melting ice cube

So many of us hate our ego, our inner critic and judge. We want to get rid of it so we can evolve into more spiritual beings.
This inner violence (yes it is!) only reinforces the ego’s survival instincts. It will find an other way and grow stronger faced with adversity…. and the battle continues.

Does it really have to be like this? Here is an other approach that is cool and refreshing 💙

“Think of ego as a great block of ice.

When you slug ego, you play by its hurtful and pain-inducing rules. You bruise your knuckles and grow angrier each time you slug it.

But when you hug ice, it has no choice: it must gradually disappear.

Not immediately, no; but if you persist, it will melt, will it not?

This is precisely how it works to rid yourself of ego.

Hug it and it melts away.

And what remains is the oceanic freedom that is the pinnacle of human existence—the freedom to live, to love, and to be loved.

At a personal level it is pure self-love and joy; at a collective level it is a peace that can save our beloved planet and grace all the peoples of the world.”*

Dr David Mutchler

I have read many different approaches to dealing with ego on our spiritual journey. This is one that really resonates because it comes from the heart and not just the intellect.

How easy it is to forget that ego likes to hide in our mind and our thinking …


*Taken from https://evolutionarymystic.wordpress.com/hug-ego-dont-slug-it/

If this perspective fascinates you, and you want to explore more deeply,  I would highly recommend checking out the amazing resources at David Mutchler’s WordPress blog Evolutionary Mystic.

38 thoughts on “* Ego is Like a Block of Ice

  1. This is beautiful Val. The image of ice and its melting in warmth is exquisite. So much proposed by religion has placed the emphasis on that pounding you speak of. Marvellous post.

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  2. I view Ego as an amusing and demanding toddler . . . intent on getting what it wants when it wants it. Battling head on with a toddler is exhausting and self-defeating.

    Far better to watch Ego with detached amusement and affection.

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  3. Water is fluid. What I like about this analogy is if you hug a cold cube, your warmth melts it into a adaptive, liquid that can go anywhere and become so many things. It nourishes and enriches all that it touches. Ego transformed in this analogy is love.

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  4. Love this perspective, and love the comments that gave added to the anology! I like the idea of embracing and changing via non-violence. Which also means my yoga classes are paying off because that’s one of the yamas. Or niyamas. Maybe class hasn’t paid off fully! 🙂

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  5. I find this enlightening “At a personal level it is pure self-love and joy; at a collective level it is a peace that can save our beloved planet and grace all the peoples of the world.”
    That is because, I struggle with the concept of self-love, thinking it makes me selfish – this puts a better perspective on it.

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  6. We do have to love ourselves before we can love others. The Lord loves us all unconditionally. I see my flaws and become self-critical, but then I realizes he loves me no matter how much I weigh, whether I am feeling sad or happy he is there. But I still struggle with feeling selfish and inadequate. Thank you for this helpful post.


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