Haiku – Season Less Being

be season less~

Find your Middle Ground

Life without weather complaints

Season less Being



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19 thoughts on “Haiku – Season Less Being

  1. How gently complex! Life without weather (complaints) would be life without be-ing. The Balance of Middle Ground, compared with the extremes of weather that accompanies the complaints. The challenge of finding one’s middle ground to ride through the extreme weather. Thanks for sharing this.

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  2. I focus on Petals and my photography and for the first time in my Life, have done winter photography just to spurn my inner “OH NO WINTER IS HERE!” I’ve had a much better time of it this year, although I admit, I am getting antsy and need GREEN. I just came from the barn next door and Cherish the horse has given me encouragement. In winter she drinks a LOT of water and when I go over, I fill her water bucket with water due to her drinking much of what was in her bucket. Today, her water level was up there, just as it usually is in warmer weather. So that all said and done, Spring is coming!!! YAY!!! LOVED this post, Val!!! Love, Amy

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      • I’m counting on her wisdom, Val. Heaven knows, the animals are not the only one needing Spring around here. Most of us are climbing the walls right now. Temps were in the 20’s yesterday and cracked open several windows. So many cats flew to those windows, and today for the most part, all were calm. It is the fresh air we are all waiting for! WHEN the weather turns warmer, I am SO there to greet fresh air in this house! Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Val! Love, Amy

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