* I am Woof!

Charlie and Lola being true to themselves
Charlie and Lola being true to themselves

“The human says, “I love myself” or “I hate myself.”

The dog says, “woof, woof,”

which, translated means


I call that integrity – being one with yourself.”

                                                Eckhart Tolle from Guardians of Being

May we all continue to learn and grow from the connection with our loving animal companions. Charlie and Lola aren’t ours, but they adopt us when we vacation in Italy every year.

What do you think their authentic selves are waiting for here?…

19 Comments on “* I am Woof!

  1. Charlie says to Lola, “you think Val’s going to give us some treat if we just sit around and wait.”
    “Why don’t you go nudge her,” says Lola.
    “No, you go and i’ll wait here.”
    “Why me? You go and I’ll wait.”


  2. Val! I LOVE this post. First of all I love animals, especially cats & dogs. Of course I’m sure they have a soul, like ours. They love, they fear, they hope, they feel… You know, yesterday I watched a TV program about Namibia and elephants. It was so interesting, the guide explained “don’t be frightened, you just have to be quiet and to respect the elephants, to think thoughts of love about them, and they will know, and you won’t be put in danger…”. On my gravatar you can see a “connection” as you say between a horse and me, while hiking. It was magical. This horse was so kind, it was a moment of simple peace… Charlie and Lola look so happy, kind and peaceful! I love them!!! ♥ Have a nice week-end 🙂


    • Thank you so much Frederic for your kind words and sharing your own special connection with animals. I feel it too! I have 3 dogs now and have a soul connection with one. Perhaps we were together as a family in a previous life …
      Have a great weekend!! ❤
      Val x

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