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Tao Inspiration – Be as nature

“Think of the dirt beneath your feet and the skies above. Do they give any thought to death? Of course not. What one does not have cannot be taken away. Therefore the sage pays no mind to status or rank, and so is always…

Our Inner Hearth

“In everyone’s inner solitude there is that bright and warm hearth. The idea of the unconscious, even though it is a very profound and wonderful idea, has sometimes frightened people away from coming back to their own hearth. We falsely understand the subconscious as…

Haiku – love within

go inwards

~ Nothing to achieve  Except facing love within. Find Your Middle Ground ~ Find your Middle Ground is about stepping away from stressful days and anxiety driven minds, and taking time to pause. When we rest in this place,  we are able to let…

* Nurturing Thursday – Your True Name

Listen. the beloved is singing you a love song. Right now, as you sit inside your house of bone and flesh, the Beloved knows your essence Do you hear the subtle sound of breath, the bullfrog chorus borne upon the wind? Do you experience…

* I am Woof!

“The human says, “I love myself” or “I hate myself.” The dog says, “woof, woof,” which, translated means I AM MYSELF. I call that integrity – being one with yourself.”                              …

* The Road to Freedom

This is not a post advocating Scottish Nationalism …. Its about inner freedom.  Perhaps something even more elusive! I’ve read that when our inner nature is truly free, we find within ourselves a wealth of treasure: love, joy and peace of mind. We aren’t…

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