garden retreat

Listen. the beloved
is singing you
a love song.

Right now, as you
sit inside your house
of bone and flesh,
the Beloved knows
your essence

Do you hear the
subtle sound of
breath, the bullfrog
chorus borne upon
the wind? Do you
experience the
silence beneath
the hummingbird’s
quick wings?

The Beloved never
stops speaking
your true name

Your True Name by Danna Faulds in From Root To Bloom 

Take a moment to pause and enjoy this contribution to Nurturing Thursday created by Becca Givens. Please click on her name to find more nurturing goodness 🌸

25 comments on “* Nurturing Thursday – Your True Name

  1. Very relaxing poem to go with that photo.

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  2. Thank you for this nurturing moment Val.. Becca’s nurturing is spreading out further and I enjoyed your contribution.. Wonderful Poem share and image of tranquillity. I hope you also had a peaceful day xx

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  3. Omygosh Val this is so beautiful… ❤

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  4. This is soothing and beautiful Val. 🙂

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  5. beautiful beautiful beautiful! Perfect as I am getting ready to go to yoga class 🙂

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  6. No joke….Ive been working on and off for the last few hours on a new post. it has to do with Names. :-). What a beautiful affirmation..for so many reasons..

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  7. “…bullfrog chorus in the wind” – great….

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  8. The Divine always intimately speaks with us — all we need to do is listen! Lovely addition to Nurturing Thursday … Thank you! ❤

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  9. Beyond beautiful! Thanks Val.

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  10. Meg Evans

    This reminded me of fantasy stories where wizards find power in knowing true names. 🙂 Gorgeous photo!

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