* Inspiration – Build in the Light

build your house

“If you build a house it takes a few days, a few weeks or a few years. And everyone can see the result.
But when we create something in the spiritual realm neither you nor anyone else can see anything.
So nothing is certain. Nothing is clear. And you become unsettled, uncertain and assailed by doubts.
And that is why after a while you want to abandon everything and do what everyone else does: Throw yourself into an activity where everyone can see a result.

Do what you wish, but one day even in the midst of the greatest success, inside yourself you will feel something missing. This is normal, because you haven’t touched what is essential.

You haven’t yet planted anything in the realm of light, wisdom, love, power and eternity.”

Omraan Mikhael Aivanhov

The realm of spirit is always there for us, even though we may loose sight of it.

What can we build in this realm of light, wisdom, power and eternity?


25 Comments on “* Inspiration – Build in the Light

  1. wonderful words. You can become uncertain and assailed by doubts and so you give that up so you can build something everyone can see.
    I would say though that those who truly build in the spiritual realm- are also building things apparent to everyone. When you are in the presence of someone who has done this, you simply know.


  2. Perfect Val! Yes this too, is what I needed to be reminded of today….You are a messenger for me these past two days….and I really appreciate it!! Much love and many blessings to you ❤


  3. Great post Val, thanks so much for sharing.
    Such good stuff… ❤
    I love the reference to "planting" in the realm of light, wisdom, love, power and eternity. That is exactly what I want to to do!


    • I related to planting too Julie. No surprise!
      Each of us can grow some amazing things from this rich spiritual soil 🙂


  4. ‘What can we build in this realm of light, wisdom, love, power and eternity?’

    New foundations.

    Shunryu Suzuki called it Zen Mind, Beginners Mind

    It’s to forget everything we know, and in this way light illuminates wisdom; in wisdom we become a lover of it (a philosopher); with the philosophical mind-set we accrue power, and in power realise timelessness, which is eternity.

    Lovely and profound post Val.

    Hariod. ❤


    • New foundations and a new way of being though eternity. 🙂
      Thank you for sharing your wisdom Hariod.
      I really appreciate it.


  5. I’m happy to find you here, Val. And thank you for commenting on my blog. Looks like I’ll find much to love here.


  6. As long as we’re looking over our shoulder to see whose watching . . . we’re using Ego’s external reference point to gauge our progress.

    Learning to rely on our internal compass to govern our actions pays dividends.


  7. Love this post Val.

    I think you touched on something here. When we build a house…we and others see and can point to the result. When we build in the spiritual realm others cannot see and point to it per se even when we can. Somehow it seems important to us that others can see the result of what we do… In a sense they do see it and even benefit from it, but they don’t recognize it as such.

    I just re-read this and I’m not sure it makes sense, but I know what I mean haha. ❤
    Diana xo


    • Thanks so much Diana. I think it touched on how our human “go to” is to show something that signifies success – especially in the eyes of others. If we let go of ego, and build from our spiritual essence, then we are creating something worthwhile. I agree, it may not be seen but its impact may be felt.
      Val xo


  8. Hi Val. This is such an important topic. We are such a results driven society. I deal with acceptance of this prickly little critter on a daily basis. Understanding that my child within holds so much pain over being compared to others is always a starting place for compassion. Awareness dissolves.


    • Thank you ISWH for sharing here! It really is hard to let go of ego and results when we have spent so much of our lives being chained to it…. Even harder when we realize that we live in a society that worships it…
      Awareness dissolves the pain and the ego’s power over us.
      Look for like minded people. They are out there too!
      Val x


  9. What a beautiful quote and a fantastic concept, to build on what is within and cannot be seen. This was a powerful message for me today, as I battle against having no “seen” achievement and progress, whilst in the midst of a seemingly endless divorce process.


    • Take heart Elizabeth. The realm of spirit is always there for us. Trust it and yourself. This will pass.
      Sending you a virtual (((HUG)))
      Val xo


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