Ripple heartWith Mindfulness

“Every single one of us is an agent of wisdom and transformation, of insight and healing, of creativity and imagination in this inter-embedded network we call humanity.

We have all the moments we need to take responsibility for how we choose to be in relationship to what is and to what might be, if we follow our hearts and our intrinsic wisdom. 

This opportunity invites us all to engage wholeheartedly, each in our own way, in an ongoing adventuring on the domain of the possible and the not yet realized.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn

I am really inspired by these words today. Coming from our Middle Ground we can transform ourselves and the world.

We never really know how we impact others, but I believe in the expanding ripple of love and healing that comes from within each of us when we are present with an open heart.

How do these words inspire you?


14 comments on “* Inspiration – With Mindfulness

  1. I love the ending about the “possible” and “not yet realized”. I love how it speaks to potential. We can sometimes get stuck in “what is” and miss the possibilities.


  2. In the Stillness of Willow Hill

    Val, our thoughts are in sync. I’ve been musing over the inter-embedded network a lot lately. The words that keep coming to my mind are ever-widening-circles-of-compassion. If I truly SEE each person, there is an automatic connection.


    • Its more than our thoughts that are in sync! Seems like we are in the same should spec right now ❤
      I love this idea of expansion of compassion and seeing each individual.


  3. We all feed into how the day will play out in a sense. And we affect others who may or may not know us. I’ve thought about the ripple effect many times in my life. Thanks for this thought-provoking post Val!
    Diana xo


  4. “We have all the moments we need to take responsibility for how we choose to be in relationship to what is and to what might be, if we follow our hearts and our intrinsic wisdom.”

    I like these lines because I am reminded to trust in the Universe – that everything unfolds as it should if I get out of the way and stop trying to control with my mind or how I think things should unfold. 🙂


    • Thank you Carol for sharing how this inspires you. I love the idea of trusting and letting things unfold. Its a work in progress 🙂


  5. Embrace all with joy . . . anything can be a gift of gold in disguise.


  6. Healing Grief

    Inspiring words to live by Val. Thankyou for sharing them. I like the part about making the choice to be responsible in our relationships. It’s true we create and choose all our experiences and deep within we all have the wisdom we often seek outside ourselves.


  7. Thank you for sharing your wisdom Karen. It is always appreciated.
    Val x


  8. First off, I loved the comments so far! Such insight! You have great readers! Secondly and off topic, this week is the first time I’ve been able to set an intention before yoga and really feel it during the session and then feel it go with me the rest of the day! I was pretty jazzed over that fact!


  9. Hi Kate – I agree this is like a room full of wisdom 🙂
    I’m also so happy that you are finding a source of inspiration in yoga. When we are open and ready, it is truly transformational 🙂
    Jazz on my friend! Knowing that jazz is also a musical path of highs and lows and different tempos!
    Val x


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