* Life is Like … an old tapestry

I am inspired by these words from Bessie Senette on the tapestry of life.


“The tapestry of life continues to be woven.

Occasionally a chance arises to repair an older, tattered piece of the weave.

Something happens to jolt our awareness back in time to an event that resulted in tears and rips.

With new, more mature vision, we see the circumstances in present time and have compassion for the unclear events of the past.

While the new experience is being woven into the design, the old rip is simultaneously being repaired.

All is well.”

Bessie Senette

We are still weaving our tapestry of life.

We can repair and recreate into our own unique design.

Nothing is really lost. Be kind and careful with your tapestry.

Have faith that you can bring new life to it.

Val x

22 responses to “* Life is Like … an old tapestry

  1. Life in a perfect tapestry (i.e., “Pleasantville”) would be dull indeed. Perhaps it’s the search for missing threads that provides the meaning and context to our stay and our story?


    • Thank you Diana. Its a photo of the fully and finally restored Bayeux tapestry which celebrates the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The modern workmanship is awesome!


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