When we are feeling down or stuck in a rut … its easy for negative thoughts to spiral downwards and keep us there. Getting momentum to find your Middle Ground again is crucial. From personal experience, these are ten tried and true ways to rebalance your mind, body and spirit!

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Experiment with each one to see what works best for you, and adapt them as needed to make them your own.

1. Get moving. Get out of your head and into your body by doing something physical and enjoyable. 

2. Self care.  Be kind to yourself. Do something to invest in yourself or nourish yourself. (Yes – shopping comes into this category  🙂

3.  Get creative. Tap into your individual self expression and make or build something.

4. Connect to your values. What’s important and meaningful to you? – then do something that expresses it.

5.  Joy of anticipation. Get excited about something  – and then plan for it!

6. Give to others. Take the focus off what’s getting you down, by giving to someone else. Make them feel good and you will too!

7. Finish something. What has been waiting to be finished? Can you complete it now? If its too overwhelming, break it down and complete smaller tasks. This will bring new energy.

8. Be independent. Do something that will give you as sense of freedom and autonomy. Let the burden on those shoulders go.

9. Be in integrity. Walk your talk and do something that shows your best self. Live up to your higher self.

10.  Make a gratitude list. Its impossible to feel down AND feel grateful at the same time. The yogis knew it and modern psychology research agrees!

Aaahh … I feel good just sharing these with you.

Thank YOU!

6 comments on “* Feeling Down? 10 Pick Me Ups That Work

  1. GREAT stuff Val…thanks…

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  2. Great list. My next “Write it Out” is about Gratitude Journalling. 🙂


    • I love gratitude journalling too! Great choice! I use this list like a menu to choose from. Some things appeal more than others at different times. Have fun and feel your heart lifting. Its impossible to feel negative and grateful at the same time 🙂


  3. Great advice, thanks Val


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