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What can you commit to do every day, no matter what?

I’m not talking about brushing teeth or emptying the dishwasher … although they have their place in our lives. It’s more like a spark that you want to hold on to and ignite every day… or a love that you want to remind yourself of. What sparks your inner being?

This question comes from Tara Brach, as part of our spiritual journey, and seems just right as we move into a new year.

No matter where we are on the path, there comes a time when we are drawn to making a regular commitment to what will support us on our journey. A way to maintain the spark within us.

It isn’t a “should” but a natural unfolding and realization.

“Every day no matter what” is a gift to your soul, a gift of remembering, and coming back to Presence.

As Zen master Suzuki Roshi puts it: “The most important thing is remembering the most important thing. Every day. The daily pause to just be present, builds on itself and creates a gravitational field that increasingly calls you to presence throughout all the moments of your life”.

In this New Year, take time to recommit to what matters most in your life.

What will you commit to do every day, no matter what?

Thank you for being here.


11 comments on “Every Day No Matter What

  1. Yes…time for a recheck I think Val. Look at where my heart now sits…and find where life has intervened, good or bad, and asked me to adjust my path. Great post dear lady, a reminder that we are the messenger ‘most of the time’ 🤣❤️🙏🏽

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  2. Such a good reminder for the new year Val. Wishing you ✨ Health & Happiness in The New Year!

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  3. I will SMILE . . . every day.

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  4. Keep my WP friendships alive – and, as you know, that is certainly being tested at the moment

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  5. Very thoughtful. It is important to identify the important things else life becomes monotonous.


  6. Evry morning for the last two months, I do a body blessing, start at my toes and work up through my physical being. I usaully have to restat because my mind wonders. But I am sticking to it!

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