Those of us who see ourselves on a journey of self realization or spirituality, have a sense of awakening. But an awakening to what? I wonder if we all awaken to the same thing, or if we awaken to whatever we are ready to awaken to…

Whatever it is, when we find it we think “This is it!” But it is really so? Is it the final piece of the puzzle or just an other piece along the way that finds its rightful place?

woman in blue and white floral long sleeve shirt holding a round shaped puzzle
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As I reflect on my life there have been moments of awakening, when it seemed like my inner world and outer world launched into a new way of being. Yet, on reflection it is now clear that these have just been pieces of the puzzle.

These pieces connected to each other, yet they revealed only a part of a great unknown picture. Here are my reflections on my journey towards the unknown and the awakenings along the way.

Life Awakenings

I can only imagine what it must have felt like when I first discovered I was no longer in a dark and nourishing space merged with my mother. This experience is beyond my thinking,  but I can imagine how traumatic and profound it must have been becoming separate and in all that bright light!

The next awakening was when I learned who I was in relation to other things and people. My ego developed as I grew into a separate human being with preferences and beliefs. I learned how to get what I wanted, how to be in relationship with others. I created beliefs about who I was as a girl child, daughter, sister etc…

Not long after this revelation came, the waking up to feeling hurt when I didn’t get what I wanted, or when I was not seen in a way that I wanted to be seen, or when I felt abandoned and unloved. I believed that there was something wrong, and it was me. I wasn’t good enough. So I would try to be good and perfect.

This part lasted for quite some time. I continued to learn who I was in this world from those around me, and in the roles I played. I was looking outward for validation and love.

Then as an adult I awakened to the part of me that wanted to express herself fully. To slough off the conditioning and expectations of others. I started to look inward so I could find the real “me”, not through anyone else’s eyes, but through my own… Awakening to myself as a strong individual who mattered… Stepping into my own shoes and expressing myself to the world.
From not being good enough, I realized I was precious, unique and strong. I could make things happen! I took on challenges and overcame my fears. It was a period of tremendous personal growth.

Around then I began training to became a life coach. For the past 20 years I have worked with people to discover who they are as unique human beings who can overcome challenges and be their authentic best in the world.

Yet, this was not the end. From this place of self growth, confidence and expansion, an other kind of awakening started to unfold. One where I started to question who “I” was.

self inquiry

At a time when I was disillusioned with the competitive, self absorbed human beings around me, I fully embraced yoga and took my first yoga teacher training. Unlike a lot of yoga trainings nowadays, our practice was more than postures, sequencing and breath work. We had time for self reflection, we read yoga philosophy, and committed to following the eightfold path of Patanjali.

Through yoga I became aware that my personal “self” was made up of my thoughts and beliefs. The world around me mirrored my own perception of it.  I had been creating stories about who “I” (this “small self”) was. I had grown as a person, but had replaced stories of not being good enough, with new stories about all I could achieve and show the world.

A part of me still got caught in patterns of self-doubt, fear and worry. I also had moments of glory and immense satisfaction and had glimpses of the timeless beauty and mystery of being alive.

In yoga I felt drawn to the belief that we are all connected and share the same Source or Conscious Presence. When one says “namaste” in greeting and farewell, it means that one recognizes the light shining within each of us.  This inner light is our true spiritual Self.  We connect to something more that our human body and thinking mind. Whether we call it God, the Divine, Brahman, Source, Presence or the Universe. There is a part inside of all of us that is connected to an infinite beingness, that words can’t fully describe.

Then something happened. It was like the outer shell cracked and the gloriousness of what was within was revealed. From understanding in my mind, I experienced an overwhelming feeling of love and connection with my fellow human beings, animals and nature.  There is a deep sense of oneness that is profound, no matter what is happening in life. It is hard to put into words, because it feels beyond words.

If I were to try to use words, it was be something like a veil had been lifted to reveal what had always been there. It is something that once felt, can always be accessed.

The aum symbol of yoga symbolizes this seeing beyond the veil and embracing an unchanging reality of oneness with spirit or pure consciousness.

aum symbol with meaning

Finding Your Middle Ground

Finding your middle ground is the gateway to this awakening.  The starting point is when we take time to pause and become self aware. We begin, by simply learning to slow down and noticing what is going on inside: our thoughts, judgments, emotions, body sensations … and al the stories we make up about ourselves and the world around us.

I like to think of it as the phase of personal expansion and growth. Its a place of new perspectives, letting go of the past, and understanding and truly accepting ourselves as imperfect human beings.

We start to explore new aspects of ourselves, our passions and what gives us meaning in life. Taking time to pause and ask ourself the deep questions that we want to know the answers to, allows us to go beyond what we know in our mind and tap init the wisdom in our heart.

From this place of mindful awareness, we can come new insights into who we are beyond our beliefs and conditioning. Beyond our own small separate self.

With more compassionate self awareness, meditation and mindful living, a new way of seeing ourselves and the world unfolds.
We realize that we are not separate, but are connected to something so much bigger, and to each other.
We come to know that we are not the master of the universe, but are simply a part of it all.
There is no right or wrong, because we know that it’s our thoughts that make it so. Everything becomes as it is.
We stop resisting life, and begin to let go into its own flow.
We let go of ego and surrender to being small as we connect to the Source of being. From wanting to be somebody, we embrace being nobody.

Wherever we are on life’s path, we can open ourselves to new insights and awaken to a new way of expanded being.

As human beings perhaps our purpose is to awaken to what we are ready for, and to be open to surrendering to the next unknown.

Thank you for joining me on this journey to freedom.


33 comments on “Awakening to What?

  1. Val,
    I appreciate hearing more about your journey and how you experience the world. My hope is that we are awakening to living from a place of possibility anchored in love instead of from our past ways of knowing. All our challenges can be focused on as overwhelming problems or opportunities for growth.
    I will be continuing to read what you share. I am always inspired by your posts.
    In peace,

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  2. “We let go of ego and surrender to being small as we connect to the Source of being. From wanting to be somebody, we embrace being nobody.” I love this part especially. Nice write up.

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  3. A beautiful and honest expression of your journey so far Val and how it continues to change and evolve as we awaken to our truth. I too, have found as I let go of the past stories, surrender, and allow each day, my authentic truth expands naturally and in this space, I connect to the sacred union of all life!! 👏💕👏 It is a blessing to have you in the world Val. 🌈

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  4. Beautiful post, thank you for sharing your experiences. I loved the ‘finding your middle ground’ messages, the part about right or wrong is so true 👌❤️

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  5. Appreciate you sharing these wonderful insights of your own journey, Val – inspiring and full of wisdom.

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    • Thank you Don. Sometimes there is an urge to purge… or at least capture the steps along the way. Glad you enjoyed them 💛🙏💛


  6. Beautifully said. Your post makes me reflect on my own inner journey, and reminds me not to abandon it for the latest distraction, but also to realize that it too is part of the journey.

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  7. Loved reading it Val. I too have Awakened so often, so to say 😊

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  8. Loved the puzzle part analogy. That is what it feels like to me as well, growing up one piece at a time.
    The journey continues to unfold more each day! ❤

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  9. Your journey mirrors mine in many ways, Val. As I am finishing John O’Donohue’s book, Anam Cara, I am reminded of the beauty of our wisdom and the power of detachment. Thank you for the courage to unfold your life in this reflective piece. Sending love and peace to you. 🙏🏻💜

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  10. Well said, Val.

    A wonderful description of the constant flow from who we are to . . . who we are ~> our becoming.

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  11. Thank you Val. For sharing this so beautifully. While every exerience is unique, you have captured the essential patterns with wonderful insight


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  12. “embrace being nobody.” It is such a calming state of mind.

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  13. Resonating, Val….thank you. In the end we come home to the Beloved within.
    Namaste 🙏🕉

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  14. Thank you, Val, this is an inspiring post! So much of what you say is what I believe right now. You have helped me a lot on this journey, with your amazing insights. I like what Cindy says “embrace being nobody”.
    I have spent way too much time with the stories I make up in my head.
    It is just what I needed to read this Monday morning in a world that is in chaos.
    Have a lovely week. Lots of love xxx

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  15. brookecutler2

    Lovely. I have the same thoughts on awakening. I’ve had a beautiful heart opening over the past few years, but previously I remember moments, turning points, where I knew It must have been my soul saying, ‘not that way. This way.’ I often think: where is this leading me, this big one. I suppose this is where it is leading me. Right to my people. The people who’ve travelled the path, the people who know it well. 🙂 xx

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  16. Thank you for sharing Val. Powerful.

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  17. There’s a sense of infiniteness in your words. It is so comforting.

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  18. Beautiful, thank you.
    I have been practicing for seven years and teaching for two. I embraced the spiritual connection early on in my practice. I have not been in a studio or taught since March. Over the course of the pandemic and isolation I have deepened my spiritual practice. I went from embracing it to embodying and expanding my connection to the Divine through learning, stillness and practices.

    I truly believe that I am not the only one. I believe that there is a spiritual awakening taking place across the world. While we do not know or control the timeline, I am excited to see how this collective energy rises.

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  19. Awakening has beautiful feelings ever… ❤ 🙂

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  20. thank you for sharing your journey; I’m reminded of a line from a Cat Stevens song: “the answer lies within”. I wish you the best as you continue on your journey of self-discovery.

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  21. So beautiful and I relate so much to each perspective in your post. It is indeed like finding pieces of puzzles as the outer layers of conditioning keep cracking open, the veil becomes part of our awareness, there is no more a right or wrong …it is a glorious journey of continually finding and blurring that space between the outer and inner. Thank you so much for being here and on the path, inspiring us all.

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  22. I enjoyed this discussion, Val, and thanks so much for sharing your personal journey, one that most of us can relate to in one way or another. How fortunate we are to grow every day.

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  23. Very Nice, Awakening is Such a Beautiful Feeling… ❤ ❤

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