Wisdom from Adyashanti worth repeating. Written before 2016.

“In no way can I deny the insanity of the human condition. And yet, because there’s so much insanity, so much unconsciousness, it’s possible that there’s also the other side of it.

Life is always balancing itself out.

So, while all of this is happening, there’s also this undercurrent of people all over the place who have a deep and profound interest in the ultimate nature of reality in themselves—and they are realizing it!

Not only is that now happening among a wider variety and number of human beings, it’s also happening more and more outside of hierarchical institutions.

I think there’s something within all of this, something very authentic, that’s breaking down the barriers between every person and our ideas of what a spiritual person is. It’s sort of a silent, quiet revolution that’s happening.

But even though there’s a lot of awakening, I don’t know if that means we’re at the dawn of some beautiful renaissance age or that the human species will totally selfdestruct. I can see it going either way.

I do think that in our deepest heart we don’t actually want to contribute to the insanity around us. Our nature is, if anything, to be a contributor to sanity and wholeness, to bringing that into manifestation.”

~ Adyashanti

May we stop contributing to the insanity around us, and come from our deepest heart.

Bring on the silent loving revolution towards wholeness.


36 comments on “The Insanity of the Human Condition

  1. Meditation- single cure for all human suffering 😊👏

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  2. yes, a beautiful wish and hope

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  3. yes, let’s hope the madness ends…

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  4. Bring on the silent loving revolution towards wholeness – true this!!

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  5. My fervent prayer is for an awakening, time will tell… ❤

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  6. Is this the dawning of the age of Aquarius? When peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars?

    Or are we standing on the edge of the abyss?

    Time will tell.

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  7. Sending messages heavenward that the insanity ends sooner rather than later. These last four years have been utterly debilitating….

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    • Shaking my head in disbelief at all that has transpired! I’m with you, along with millions of others. Keep the faith that balance will prevail.


  8. Reblogged this on Seasonings and commented:
    A timely message for all humanity… Thank you, Val ❤

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  9. Good reminders. Love Adyashanti. 🙏❤️

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  10. “Our nature is, if anything, to be a contributor to sanity and wholeness, to bringing that into manifestation.” A lovely affirmation, Val. Thanks for sharing the wise words.

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  11. Life is always balancing out. It sure is.

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  12. Amen to this wonderful post, Val. “Life is always balancing itself out…” and this is the one strength of human nature. Brilliant.

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  13. I’m thinking those of us who are more awake, make less noise and just observe the insanity. Trying to be a calm port in a very large storm. They think we are the insane. Funny how that is. I like how this is explained here.

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  14. Yes. So timely. Thanks, Val!


  15. I love Adyashanti, he always makes so much sense…


  16. I think the only sane society that is possible is one that is small and essentially self-sufficient. It’s the enormous scale of civilisation that renders us helpless, conformist and spiritually starved. Where that leaves the future I shudder to think.

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  17. I love Adya. He’s been one of my teachers for several years now.

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