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Many of us are using this time to create space and de-clutter our work and home environments. Over the past few months I have been setting aside clothes that I no longer need. Yesterday, I went to Goodwill and let a lot of material things go. Not just the old, but also what might serve others better.

Letting go of what no longer serves us and creating space for something new is a powerful practice.

Its something that I am doing intentionally for a number of reasons.

It allows us to move forward and not be overly attached to the past. So we let go of the old that no longer supports who we are today.

It turns out that this is pretty hard for me … and I don’t think of myself as a hoarder!

For many years I was an Intercultural Trainer, supporting people from different cultures coming to the US and for Americans going overseas and working in Global teams. I loved this work as it let me expand my knowledge of different cultures – especially their attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that may be unexpected and different.

When I become a life coach I moved away from training into the sphere of one to one coaching.

And now I am giving away my books and creating space for my yoga books on philosophy and spiritual inspiration. I feel drawn to bring more spiritual awareness and connection to our intuitive heart space, rather than our rational mind.

When we clear our environment it creates space for the new. Often it will create a new sense of spaciousness within us too … and sometimes not. Lets be realistic and human.

If you are in the process of de-cluttering, notice if this physical clearing is enough for you or if there are judgments and attachments that are also cluttering your mind. They may make you feel secure, but they may be getting in the way of what you really want.

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Take a moment to sit comfortably.

Feel your body resting in this space. Hips. Thighs. Lower legs. Ankles. The soles of your feet.

Take some full deep breaths as if you want to be here in your body … and feel supported.

Notice the change in your breath when you land here fully.

Slow it down even more.

This is the place to ask yourself:

“What do I need to let go of?”

Keep breathing and see what arises from the depth or your being rather than your head

With awareness of clutter and consciously letting go, we move away from past conditioning and towards balance and freedom.

Can you let yourself be here, just the way it is?










27 comments on “Clearing the Clutter

  1. Well done, Val.
    I de-clutter every time I move apartments and actually have few clothes.
    I find it so liberating to have a minimum of choice(s) each day.
    Not only does re-homing excess possessions and clothes liberate the ‘material weight’ in our lives.
    It enables poorer folk the opportunity to buy good quality household goods and clothes which they might otherwise not be able to afford.

    I like to have another clear-out whenever there is a major disaster too.

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    • Well said Vicki. Thank you 💕. I used to move house quite a bit when I was younger, and it was a great way to stay light. We’ve been in this house for 15 years and there was a lot of excess!

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  2. Through meditating I learned to exist of very little. Physical possessions were easy for me

    It was the emotional things I had accumulated that we’re tough for me

    My need for approval and appearances were far harder to let go

    My male ego resisted feverishly of letting go the storyline of his supreme importance

    Good post

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  3. A sound philosophy

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  4. I de-clutter and donate to at least two charities a month. There’s always someone in need. When I see clothing I haven’t worn in years, or other items that aren’t being utilized, the guilt sets in and I have to bag it up. I do admit to holding on to the things that have sentimental value. Great post, Val!

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  5. We de-cluttered when we moved and probably need to do so again already!

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  6. we recently did a lot of decluttering, and it felt great. I wish I had read this beforehand!

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  7. Such an important process for growth and expansion 🦋


  8. Good for you, Val.

    We are always on the lookout for “stuff” to shed. We gather it up and drop it off at Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, or elsewhere, numerous times every year. Shedding clutter makes me feel lighter & less encumbered.

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  9. You’re right, decluttering helps us get rid of the material things we no longer need, but it can also help us let go of the emotional baggage that is weighing us down too!

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  10. I find it useful to notice the times the inner and the outer are clearly mirroring one another and look into the depths of connection.

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  11. You’re so right Val. Getting rid of things we don’t use anymore helps us to let go and grow.

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  12. I agree that de-cluttering is helpful for the mind and body. I’ve done it on a regular basis. My clutter comes from having family members move in and bring their stuff. Then some leave and want me to hold on to their stuff for a while. Eventually, a while is long enough and it has to go too. So many of our donation centers here closed with covid. I could take a whole load of stuff again once they open. I just can’t throw it away. I hope the donation centers open soon. Stuff moves in and out of here like water.

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  13. I needed to read this, thank you. I’m in the process of decluttering and find it hard to let go of certain things. I was only thinking today that I need to get better at letting go… and I saw your post.

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