silent observer
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“In the mirror of your mind all kinds of pictures appear and disappear.
Knowing that they are entirely your own creations, watch them silently come and go.
Be alert, but not perturbed.
This attitude of silent observation is the very foundation of yoga. You see the picture, but you are not the picture.”

~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

The foundation of yoga is to become a silent observer without attachment to the world we create in our minds.

… and then remember not to hold our breath 😊


8 comments on “In the Mirror of your Mind

  1. Hal Barbera

    Ghost reflections off the mirrors of your mind!

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  2. Hal Barbera

    I have a post like that but you can use the idea as you wish … thanks!

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  3. Stepping into the role of detached observer expands our perspective.

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  4. silent observation is good

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