Letting Go

time to let go

Fall is the season for letting go. Shedding and releasing things that we no longer need. In doing so, its important to accept that there may be a sense of loss and sadness at this time of year.Β We are emotional beings after all.

This also makes it a time for self compassion, nurturing and kindness.

Yet letting go is a part of our lives…
It happens every day in our breathing and falling asleep.
It happens when we let go of our children and allow them to be independent adults.
It happens when we end relationships or jobs that no longer serve us.
It happens when we accept that we are not perfect human beings after all.

Life is a journey of letting go, to create space, to restore our balance and to discover what really matters.

Letting go is part of the natural rhythm of life.

Without letting go, we cannot be free.



54 thoughts on “Letting Go

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    • Don and I are now retired … although I continue to β€œwork” as a yoga teacher and mentor. We both have found our balance. He enjoys updates on the news, sports and other hobbies. Taking care of the dogs and running errands, and thinking about and preparing for dinner. Meantime I go out and get paid for something I love to do.
      Loosen, reflect and find the best mix for you both πŸ’›

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  2. Every message you share seems to be spot-on for me, Val. Thank you for today’s reminder of letting go, and in such an easy tone that it is clear you know how to let go and have much to share in this process. Warmest thanks.

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  3. Great reminder Val ❀
    In the evening, I try to let the day go to be ready for tomorrow. Not always easy, but good exercise.
    You are right, we need to everything go. We are born alone and most often, we will also leave this world alone and we can't bring anything else than our soul.

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  4. Often, when I read your words, they hit “Home” with me so directly. As a yoga teacher, I then pass your wise words along to my students – recognizing you as the author. Thank you, Val.

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    • Letting go of thoughts that no longer serve us isn’t easy. Finding our middle ground and being present with our breath and sensations really helps remind us that the past is past…. and the next moment is always evolving.


  5. Hi Val! I never really thought about this being the sadness I feel at this time of year…but it makes perfect sense! I think of the trees who let go of their leaves…gray sticks have always made me sad…and yet come spring tiny buds sprout and the cycle of life continues!
    Sending you wishes of love and gratitude on this Thanksgiving day πŸ’œ


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