Haiku – shallow world


Take time for deep breaths
Leave the shallow world behind
Find your Middle Ground


Finding your Middle Ground is about taking time to pause and step away from this overactive, overstimulated and overwhelming age we live in.

The more we are caught up with the pull of our smartphones and media updates, the more difficult it is to step away.

Bringing awareness to our breathing is a simple way to connect to our bodies and allow our minds to disconnect and slow down.

Now is always a good time to breathe more deeply.

… and turn your phone off.

Let this be a positive step towards finding peace within.



38 thoughts on “Haiku – shallow world

    • That’s one balanced and outside. perspective Jill ❣️Can you imagine what the user is going through without insight or realization? I think that’s where we must dig into, rather than being attached to our own perspectives and beliefs. How can we support others to open their minds and pay attention in a new way …. Thank you for bringing this into the conversation my friend 🙏

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    • They seem to be when hanging about. But when it comes to eating, most seem to put them aside, at least for a while. Coming back to relationships and feeling connected to an other person is so much a par5 of their culture. May it continue for more generations in this evolving age 💛

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  1. This is always a timely reminder, Val! I am so sad to see (especially young) people completely absorbed in their smartphones even when they have an opportunity to have in-person interactions.

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    • Thank you Helen 💛 As an onlooker, people seem so distracted, but they may be intensely connecting elsewhere in a positive way. I walked into a room today and the 3 people were all texting and absorbed in their phones. Turns out they were having a break to catch up on emails and messages rather than going back to their computers.
      It’s a whole new technological culture, that we all need to be aware of and use to support each other.

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  2. Let us all breath deeply Val ❤
    About the mobiles, I see this as a challenge all over. It is possible as a parent to show our kids and young people, when to use the mobile and not. It is our duty, as I view this. They do, as we do.
    Enjoy your breathing ❤

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  3. OH I could not agree with you more, Val. Hubby no longer even turns his cell on. I do just for texts from close family/friends and to help me with WP. As for breathing …. shallow breathing leads to increased stress and at times due to responsibilities I have to remind myself to breathe. Much Love to you!! 💞

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