Haiku – Heart Awareness

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Open heart expands
Closed heart contracts and defends
Awareness brings flow

When something is bothering me, one of the most useful questions I ask myself is “Is my heart open or closed?”

And in that moment of recognition, it hears and something is released.

It begins to open with love and understanding.

Everything comes and goes.

We get stuck when we get attached to our thinking.

Awareness opens the heart and brings flow.

28 responses to “Haiku – Heart Awareness

  1. When I meditate I often focus on the heart chakra and trying to open that area. I feel like after a life of abuse and trauma, it is so hard to be trusting with my heart, but I want to be able to be open.

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    • Glad you like it Diana.💛 It works for me, because it takes me out of trying to figure things out in my mind. When I do that its a sure way to keep the ego in charge, and the heart disconnected. Thank you!

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