Caleb stranded in impending snow storm

It will be a different hump day for us tomorrow here in the northeast US.

Thanks to David Kanigan for the inspiration. Enjoy the snow day.


27 Comments on “Caleb stranded in impending snow storm

    • Thanks Nancy! Its been a stormy week … and they say an other is on its way. What a great lessen in lightening up 😊


  1. I may be in The minority,but I’m looking forward to the storm. Nothing better than snuggling in by the fire for a big snow. Have a great day, Val!

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  2. So far (at 9 a.m.) we have seen very little of this storm although everything has closed. The roads are clear and there are few flurries around. Nothing on the grass. I am hoping the track changes to allow for more rain than snow. Sure hope the forecasters are wrong on this one but it’s a good soup day.

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    • A soup day indeed. Thanks Kate for the inspiration!
      I saw the weather channel a while ago – looks like its this afternoon when the real snow comes.

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      • Still hoping it misses us or it’s just a brief visit. Warm temps here so maybe it will melt soon. (Can you tell I’ve had it with snow. I know let it go. Live in the moment.)

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  3. I always feel for animals caught out in bad weather or too much heat with nowhere to go for cover. I know they are built for it but it bothers me anyway. 😦 Stay warm.

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  4. When I saw Caleb, I got worried, but then…he probably wasn’t in your backyard. Happy to learn that the storm passed and all is well πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks Helen. This Caleb hangs out in Mongolia … a harsh long winter by any standards. I think he would have enjoyed the passing nature of the winter storm here in the north east US. I enjoyed its passing too.
      Thank you Helen πŸ’›


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