serene lake

I love this music from Patrick Kelly, especially for Savasana. It takes us on a journey from relaxing lapping waves and bird calls, to angelic voices and swelling uplifting waves of music.

Can you discover yourself smiling?…

This moment is always here to tap into when we take time to pause and listen inwards.

Music can create the mood and help us shift into this nourishing space of stillness and peace.

I hope you have been enjoyed the Savasana music I have shared over the Holidays.


7 comments on “Music Inspiration – A Sense of Peace

  1. So beautiful and soothing, thanks for sharing Val ❤

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  2. Lovely, really lovely!

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  3. I’m going to sit and listen while I read the rest of the blogs I am behind on. Sitting in my bed resting today. 🙂

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