I read a post some time ago about “sliding back” over the holidays.  It made me wonder …

sliding back

What if there was no such thing as sliding back in life?

When we make a mistake, we are making a mistake. When we eat that chocolate bar, we are eating that chocolate bar. When we don’t get around to exercising, then we don’t exercise. When we forget to meditate then we don’t meditate….. you get where I’m heading with this.

“Sliding back” is a judgment that we put on ourselves. It is a belief that usually makes us feel bad …. Its like a weight we impose on ourselves.

It isn’t the truth.

Our thoughts are not the truth! Things are the way they are. Our thoughts create judgments in our mind whether something is good or bad.

Instead of being hard on yourself, try to accept the ways things are.

Even better, lighten up and ditch that heavy load you’ve burdened yourself with!

Instead of judging, be kind and accept your own human frailty and failings.

If life is a series of highs and lows, then we move through challenges and setbacks. There’s no such thing as sliding backwards.

31 comments on “* Pondering – Sliding Back

  1. Our thoughts are not the truth. Only to believe this!

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  2. You are right Val 🙂
    Our thoughts are not us, only a part of our mind. Accept, let go and learn and live.

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  3. Exactly! Oh, how I need to be reminded that my thoughts are not the truth. There is no thing, no sliding back. Thanks, Val!

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  4. Really good reminder during this particularly stressful (for some folks) time.

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  5. I hope you are right.

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  6. The perfect post for the holiday season, Val. Thank you! I love the photo too. ❤

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  7. feels nice
    scratched 🙂

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  8. That’s a new way of looking at it, which I shall try to apply – but probably fail. I seem to spend all day telling myself off for not exercising, eating too much sugar, watching TV instead of reading my way through an entire houseful of books, getting social situations wrong, not being nice enough etc. It would be such a relief to be able to accept oneself “warts and all”. : )

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    • We all let ourselves down, and get stuck in habitual ways that don’t serve us. Yet every moment is an opportunity to make a different choice, and give ourselves some kindness for being only human. 💛

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  9. What a wonderful way to look at it! I think it’s freeing to realize that just because we do something that we tried not to do, it doesn’t mean we have “slid back.” Those words seem based on a premise of failure. We just did what we did, and we can move on from there! Thank you!


  10. I agree! And here we have the acceptance again 🙂 It has proven to be a very useful way of looking at things in my life lately.

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  11. Great posts, dear Val… I like when you say: “Our thoughts are not the truth! Things are the way they are”…. That is so true, our thoughts are thoughts about things, states, and if you stop to think even our beliefs and feelings could be false to a certain extent… Relativism is relative… the only truth is Reality as it is.
    Sending love & wishing you happy holidays my friend! 😉

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  12. Oh my, Val. You just hit it on the head. Thanks for that reminder, thanks so very much. 😀

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  13. A timely and important post, Val! So many of our immediate reactions are rooted in patterns that don’t serve us. It helps to become aware of them. Sometimes not exercising does as much good, if we are aware of in the simplicity you describe, as the exercising!


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  14. Thank you for this…

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