head held high


It’s time to accept

the need to judge and be right

makes life somehow wrong


Let go and transcend

Find grace in the aftermath

Embrace the unknown


 Yet be true to you

Live your vision and values

From your Middle Ground


27 comments on “* Haiku – right and wrong

  1. Ah! A perfect cherry on top of the ice cream! Thanks for the beautiful reminder, Val ♡

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  2. soulspeak2013

    Reblogged this on At the Table, On my Plate and commented:

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  3. soulspeak2013

    Lovely reminder, and such a comfort. Thank you Val

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  4. out today
    with a goal
    of no, or at least,
    limited judging 🙂

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  5. Music to my ears! Thank you, Val. ❤

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  6. Good advice, Val, and much appreciated. And I love that photo!

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  7. Still very timely advice for me today, Val. I will need to climb fully into that more comfortable place ❤


  8. Yes ~ Embrace the unknown, Live your vision and values from the Middle Ground. Thanks Val! A lot is unknown about our new ‘leader’.


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  9. Beautiful, peace-filled words and a pretty amazing photo. Wow.

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  10. I’m happily engaged in getting to know my new Mac and will leave politics alone for now. Aah . . . that’s better!

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  11. Yes. Thank you, Val. ❤

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  12. Great and wise advice, dear Val ❤

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  13. Well said through prose…beautiful. Thank you.

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  14. I loved this! Especially the first three lines.

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    • Thank you Ann. It started off as simply the first verse… and then I was drawn to add more when I came across the photograph. Glad you enjoyed it. NO matter what challenges we face there is nothing “wrong”… 😊

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  15. We are used to judge and be judged… But in fact this sould´t be a human attribute… unless we are talking about the judicial system, of course. Love. Aquileana .🙂

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