* Haiku – the web

spider web


Be one with the web

But don’t get caught up in it

Find your Middle Ground


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21 thoughts on “* Haiku – the web

  1. This was a very special haiku. I agree with it, since life is very important and the blogging can take over your free time. I feel I read less books now. I need to put parameters around my blogging. But I do place God, Family and Friends in this order, which I care a lot about my friends made on wordpress and blogs, Val. ❤

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  2. Very wise words, Val. To get caught in the web of life or your own story blocks a possible perspective that can bring a balanced flow to one’s creativity and happiness. I still get stuck in the stickiness once in awhile, but I’m aware of it.

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  3. “Grateful for the high, gracious in the lows.” As someone who is challenged to enjoy or at least not fight being in that “muddy middle,” I’m curious if you feel “busy” is one of the highs or the lows. I’ve had one of the busiest days today, something that once would have stressed me out. Human doing and all. But as I look back on the day, and all that was, I feel grateful for all that came about. It was a high. How nice. what’s particularly nice, is that I never had time to do the vacuming I’d planned on. Yeah, me. thank you Val Now I shall ponder being one with the web. 🙂


    • Thank you Janet. Good question. When we find our middle ground and regularly connect with our center, it seems to be so much easier to manage the hectic activities of life. I find I am less likely to be drawn into the emotional disturbances or create stories about how hard it is.
      When we come from the center we are more able to get on with what we need to get on with. We go with the flow instead of imagining we are fighting off alligators 😃
      Being one with the web is in the same way. Are we caught up in the drama of it, the ratings, how others respond … or are we going with the flow and being simply a part of it.


  4. The Web of Life …. We are all connected to it in ways that sometimes amaze. Yet to walk the Higher Path teaches one not to get tangled in that very same Web. Far easier said then done at times. LOVED this, Val! Thank you! ❤

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