* Haiku – tapestry

detail from life mandala

Tree of Life Mandala from http://www.celticartstudio.com


Find your Middle Ground

Let life’s tapestry unfold

Trust in the weaver


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To find out more about finding your middle ground, follow this link.

40 thoughts on “* Haiku – tapestry

  1. Val, I have a great love of tapestries.
    Some of the most wonderful ones I’ve seen are in Kilkenny Castle and the point is always made that mistakes were deliberately made to show that people are not ‘perfect.’ It’s something that often comes to my mind ‘cos perfectionism can be such a scourge.

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  2. Haiku conveys to me three good qualities balance patience and trust.
    The Celtic tapestry represents Pisces sign and my pommepal Pauline and I are both march the fifth. So Val this post speaks to me. That is why I think it is beautiful.
    Your thoughts may have gone deeper, did I only read my thoughts into it? _/\_

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