* Haiku – let gratitude shine

shine your light

Pause to consider
Not just today but all days
As a precious gift
Shift your perspective
Unlock the fullness of life
Let gratitude shine

44 thoughts on “* Haiku – let gratitude shine

  1. I need to acknowledge you for this wonderful Haiku.

    I have noticed that Gratitude somehow gets linked to a mindset of abundance. I have experienced the power of this principle. Whenever I act as if I already have what I want, even those things which have not yet happened for me, I always feel peaceful and supported.

    But I have long deliberated on an aspect that occurs again and again in my life. How do I show gratitude towards someone who does not even understand how deeply he has hurt me?”

    When I think of this deeply, I realise that I feel hurt since the other person has failed to acknowledge the fact that he has done wrong. But even if he were to understand the situation, what benefit would that bring to me. I show gratitude and forgiveness from a selfish angle, for maintaining my own well-being. If this be so, does the person who has hurt me really needs to be involved in my process? What stops me from simply releasing that pent up negative energy and moving on?

    When I am in conflict with someone, with whom do I get most upset or disappointed? My belief is that when I am displeased with someone else, I’m really reacting to or rejecting some part of me that I can not love right now. Or, I’m blaming myself for being involved in the painful situation because I was vulnerable, unwise, weak or complicit enough to get hurt.

    Finding gratitude is a fundamental step in the self-improvement process. We cannot expect anything new to come into our lives without first having a genuine sense of appreciation for what we have now.

    Gratitude invites a sense of humility and a focus on what truly matters – which can be especially challenging in our materialistic society. It might help us to reflect that while we may not have everything we want, most of us do have more than everything we need. As Mahatma Gandhi had said, “The world has enough for our needs but not enough for our greed.” Gratitude is what brings everything into balance and provides a proper perspective.



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    • Thank you Shakti for your thoughtful response. When we are coming from a place of gratitude, it changes our perspective to one of greater wholeness rather than individual smallness. This is where we can truly forgive ourselves and others. 🙏

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    • Thanks for this Shakti. You describe well the conflict within for trying to find a place of forgiveness for someone who has done us wrong, is really for our own well-being. I agree that to focus on gratitude instead (on those things around that truly matter) is a much better way to move forward.

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