Some people may see my website title and think it is a place recommending compromise or being average in life. Far from it, its about recognizing and fully embracing the highs and lows of your life! We can live fully when we can calm the mind and connect to our inner being and wisdom.

terrier overlooking lake

I understand why there can be some misunderstanding ….

The everyday term “middle ground” or “middle distance” is usually defined as a point of view midway between two extremes or a position of compromise between two opposing views. “Middling” refers to being average.

The Middle Way is also a Buddhist term with rich connotations. Most simply, it implies a balanced approach to life and the regulation of one’s impulses and behavior, close to Aristotle’s idea of the “golden mean” whereby “every virtue is a mean between two extremes, each of which is a vice.” 

…. Your Middle Ground in the highs and lows of life is always there for you to find and come to. Its the space for pausing and being mindful of the present moment. Its when your mind becomes calm. Its when you take time for relaxation, self nurturing , reflection, refreshment, inspiration and creativity. The more we come to this place the more balanced our lives become and the more we connect to something more.

Tyningham beach ohm moment 2010

This is the place where we can connect to our inner being, wisdom and soul. In yoga philosophy it called the atman, the essential self or the divine spark within every human being.

When we embrace our own Middle Ground, a new sense of awareness, or consciousness starts to grow. This is spirituality and is the path to enlightenment and awakening of a new consciousness. We become aware of the interconnectivity of all people and all life.  We recognize that we are part of the universe and that the universe is within us.

Eckhart Tolle says that when we become present, we become aware of Presence. I love that!

Through the present moment, we have access to the beauty and power of life itself, whether we call it the Divine, the Universe, Love, Life Energy, Source, or God.

Welcome fellow traveler! Lets enjoy this journey together.

10 comments on “* Your Middle Ground Is Not …

  1. Well put. Here’s to being present to presence.


  2. Julie Buhite

    I like your blog name very much. It made me tilt my head and go, “Hmmm” and “Ahhh,” kind of like a silent hum. The name of your blog is actually wonderful advice. As such, I will go into today focused on the peacefulness of these words and thoughts of living with balance and in harmony. 🙂


    • Welcome Julie! Thank you for your kind words. I’m so glad this resonates with you. I look forward to journeying together.
      Val x


  3. I am passing on some valuable information I have gained to you. When you tag, inclusive of categories, if you go over 15, your post will not be seen in WP other then for your followers. And it will also not be seen in other search engines as well. I hope this helps you in your future posts, Val. May you have Harmony today. Love, Amy


  4. Your middle ground is your centre… if I understand you correctly.


  5. I regret that I haven’t visited your beautiful middle ground in a while, Val. It’s wonderful to be here today.


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