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Many people are pleasure seekers while others are seekers of joy. When I was young I thought it was all about pleasure and self indulgence. Adolescence is the time to explore pleasure and our senses … but most of us learn that although it makes us euphoric, it doesn’t last. Later we might also see that it is a way to remove ourselves from the present moment.

Both Eckhart Tolle and Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras tell us that the difference between pleasure and joy lies in whether we focus on our outer world (pleasure) or our inner world (joy).

Where pleasure is fleeting, joy is always there for us to tap into. Our Middle Ground is where we can nurture our joy and contentment with life.

This is where we appreciate being rather than doing. Where we let go rather than acquire. Where we create space rather than fill it with stuff.

The key to creating a fulfilling life is building your foundation on joy and decorating it occasionally with pleasure. So long as we don’t rely on pleasure to provide us with contentment, we can appreciate it for what it is – a temporary moment to appreciate fully and not become attached to.

Namaste x

2 comments on “* Pleasure or Joy – Eckhart Tolle

  1. I love Eckhart Tolle! His books have really helped me through difficult times.


    • Thank you Annabelle. I’m glad you find Eckhart Tolle inspiring. I am also a follower. His words seem to have meaning in the highs and lows of life 🙂


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