* Inspiration – Rumi’s Light

Today, let Rumi’s words and these  images settle into your consciousness and bring you peace.

rumi quote

“Don’t you know yet? It is your Light that lights the worlds” ~ Rumi

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.”  ~ Rumi

inner light

Image from Tumblr

“Woman is the light of God” ~ Rumi

* Overseers of comings and goings

Overseers of comings and goings,

people gatherings, dogs doing their business.

There’s nothing behind the alert blankness

Yet their presence is here

A part of the landscape.

Contributors to play and lightness.

They move at night you know!

sheep in the garden

I love my sheep.

* The Radiance of Dawn

Dawn comes lightly these days. Perhaps its because the sun is moving to its highest point in the northern hemisphere, or the bird song that fills the air. No matter, it feels special, and it fills my heart at the beginning of the day. This poem from Danna Faulds captures all its radiant glory. ☀️

spring dawn

Born Again in Radiance

Who can resist the first,

optimistic moment of dawn –

the dazzling sliver of light,

sun rising, rounding, making

the profound shift from

promise to presence.

Every possibility contained

in a single instant; light

linking us to vastness,

light reaching back to the

formation of stars, light that

will not let us forget that

we are daily born again in radiance.

Danna Faulds from  Go in and In. Poems from the Heart of Yoga.


Let us connect in this radiance and feel the shift from promise to presence.

* Bliss in a moment

Enjoy these light and joyful words and give yourself a little bliss today 🙂

Peace, Love and Patchouli

Take time
Fall back
Into the world
Of happy
Of bliss.
Feet in the air
Sing a song
Find the happy place
Be free
Be a dreamer
Live life
Adventuring even if
Only in your mind.
Send the vibe to the world
Sealed with a heart
A kiss
Such bliss.
Dreaming happy
A moment
Of youth
At any age,
Harmony and peace

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* Learning to Play

Its so easy to forget how to discover and play. May this pup video and poem bring lightness and laughter today. Val x

Source of Inspiration

I had forgotten
how to play
to laugh for
the sheer joy
of life, to be
silly, to growl
at a shadow,
toss a sock ball
in the air, wag
my tail, make
tiny leaps of delight,
smoother others with
puppy kisses full of
the promise of
love without end.

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