* My Word for this Year and Beyond


At the beginning of the year, many of you choose a word to live by. I really like this idea, but haven’t done it before. Perhaps because I feel drawn to too many words!

This year, the word was literally given to me. On my birthday, my husband said he had a word for me. His eyes lit up and he was obviously excited to share it with me.

That word was “timeless”.

When he said it we both got teary eyed. Of course, it was very romantic, yet it seemed to go deeper and touched us deeply. What we have together is timeless, and will last forever … and in my own way I am a bit like that classic black dress: somewhat ageless, reliable, neither in fashion or out of it, and turns out well on any occasion 😉

Inner Reflection

I’m looking forward to really living into being timeless, and exploring the fullness of it’s meaning:

* Timeless is about being open, without boundaries, restrictions or conditions.

* Its about letting go of being constricted by time and being free from its apparent demands.

* Timeless happens in the Now, where time doesn’t exist.

* Its an invitation to connect to the unchanging aspect of one’s Self, inner Being and eternal spirit.

* Its about embracing that which is timeless such as curiosity, love, memories, companionship, enthusiasm, creativity …  and many more meaningful words.

Looks like I really did get many words after all…