Autumn is the season for letting go and inner reflection. We often think of “letting go” in a certain way, based on our personal experience of it. Different perspectives can open us up to new possibilities. I came across these words today and thought I would share them with you. How do they resonate with you?

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Letting go does not mean to stop caring;
it means I can’t do it for someone else.

Letting go is not to cut myself off;
it’s the realization I can’t control another.

Letting go is not to enable;
which means the outcome is not in my hands.

Letting go is not to try to change or blame another;
it’s to make the most of myself.

Letting go is not to care for; but to care about.

Letting go is not to fix; but to be supportive.
it’s not to judge but to allow another to be a human being.

Letting go is not to be in the middle arranging the outcome;
but to allow others to affect their own destinies.

Letting go is not to be protective;
it’s to permit another to face reality.

Letting go is not to deny; but to accept.

Letting go is not to nag, scold or argue;
but instead to search out my own shortcomings and correct them.

Letting go is not to adjust everything to my own desires;
but to take each day as it comes and cherish myself in it.

Letting go is not to criticize and regulate anybody;
but to try to become what I dream I can be.

Letting go is to not regret the past;
but to grow and life for the future.

Letting go is to fear less and live more.

~ author unknown

About Val Boyko

Val Boyko is originally from Scotland and came to the United States over 25 years ago. At "Find Your Middle Ground" Val brings together her experience as a life coach, yoga teacher and mentor, to inspire awakening to the light and inspiration within us all. This blog is a place of exploration and discovery as we all explore finding harmony and peace, in the highs and lows of life 💛

19 comments on “Letting Go

  1. Letting go is definitely the key to life to the full. It’s a great place to start the conversation. But this kind of “letting go” is not really a “doing” as much as an “allowing”, a sort of “non-doing.” I believe you can’t really “try harder” to let go! It’s more a “falling in trust to an Ultimate Mystery who is Love”. And then, paradoxically, we start “doing” — but from the identity of a more authentically true self.

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    • Thank you Bill. I agree, we can’t try hard to let go! It’s not about doing, but a shift in our Being. Allowing and being open are the keys. I love “falling into trust to the Ultimate Mystery that is Love”

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  2. Linda Rappaport

    Thank you Val! I love this poem!

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  3. “Detachment” is what the maple leaf tells us as it drifts in golden glory to the ground.

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  4. Beautifully true!

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  5. This resonates with me, Val. Thanks!

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  6. Loving ourselves opens that cage of fear and sets us free. A hard journey yes, but in understanding it gives an appreciation, a huge appreciation of what it is built on. Great post Val, the words are beautiful. You can feel them ‘letting go’ as we speak them within 😀❤️🙏🏽

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  7. It is our freedom 🙏🏻

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  8. Wonderfully wise words, Excellent Val… These words popped out the most to me this morning ..
    ” Letting go is not to be protective;
    it’s to permit another to face reality. ”

    Sending love and Blessings dear one.. ❤

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    • I love your insight. Being protective is a form of grasping or controlling… even when we have the best of jntentions. Have a wonderful weekend 🥰


  9. If you are headed for the mountain top, why do you care what the people in the valley are doing?
    ~ Guy Finley (The Secret of Letting Go)

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