blue door to our true nature
blue door to our true nature
The Open Door

A door opens. Maybe I’ve
been standing here shuffling
my weight from foot to foot
for decades, or maybe I only 
knocked once. In truth, it
doesn’t matter. A door opens
and I walk through without a
backward glance. This is it,
then, the moment of truth in
a lifetime of truth: a choice
made, a path taken, the 
gravitational pull of Spirit 
too compelling to ignore any
longer. I am received by
something far too vast to see.
It has roots in antiquity but
speaks clearly in the present 
tense. “Be” the vastness says.
“Be without adverbs, descriptors,
or qualities.” Be so alive that
awareness bares itself
uncloaked and unadorned.
Then go forth to give what you
alone can give, awake to love
and suffering, unburdened by
the weight of expectations.
go forth to see and be seen,
blossoming, always blossoming
into your magnificence.”

-Danna Faulds, from Root to Bloom

Boy how I am feeling this right now. Thank you Danna for being such an inspiration. The door opens and I am walking through.

Find Your Middle Ground is blossoming into an online community of like minded souls seeking grounding and inspiration on this journey called life. From June 1st, I will be offering online yoga classes and community gatherings to explore mindful movement, finding balance and connecting to the center of our being.

Thank you for being here 🙏


27 comments on “Inspiration – The Open Door

  1. Then may it be blessed kind lady, another sun rising in our hearts 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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  2. This speaks to me deeply. I’m very interested.

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  3. Thank you for this moving poem, Val and Danna. And best wishes as you walk through the door, Val.

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  4. what a wonderful community you have built!

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  5. Great picture of that door. Beautiful colour composition.
    Thanks for sharing 🙏 🙏
    All the best. Happy Easter 🐣🐣
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  6. Ohhhh…. how exciting! Can’t wait to hear more and to explore your offerings! ❤

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  7. Balance. Connection. Being. ~> Bliss!
    Enjoy moving through the door and being on the other side.

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  8. This is so perfect timing, affirmative, soothing, encouraging and inspiring for me!

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  9. Behind the green door 💚👌sending you joy for a happy day Val 🌷 smiles hedy ☺️

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  11. .I felt comforted by the poem. The picture was very beautiful


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