Common Humanity

common humanity

“Do you suffer sometimes, want to be happy, but don’t always know how to make that happen?

Congratulations! You’ve just discovered you have something in common with every other person across the world and across history.” *

And with this realization we know we are not alone. We are all human beings, experiencing what we experience.

It’s when we believe that we shouldn’t be feeling like this, or that there is something wrong with us, that we create more suffering for ourselves.

When we are feeling down or down right miserable we tend to think that we are the only one feeling this way. We become very self absorbed. We project our misery on to the world around us and think that everyone else seems to be so happy, and have their act together. We ask ourselves “Why are we the only one feeling alone and miserable”.

Don’t believe this inner critic. Your thoughts are not the truth.

It’s human nature to go through highs and lows in our lives.

Knowing that you are not alone, and that everything changes, can help you move through this… and find compassion for yourself and others along the way.

Give yourself a hug or go hug someone right now.

Feel the love.



*Abblett, Mitch. The Self-Compassion Deck: 50 Mindfulness-Based Practices (Kindle Locations 1151-1175). PESI Publishing. Kindle Edition.

25 thoughts on “Common Humanity

  1. At times I feel a little lost, could even have a feeling of depression,

    Some worry, doubt and fear about the future does exist.

    At times I can focus and pull back, observing my plight from a distance.

    Sometimes I have found just thoughts connected to an emotion as the cause

    Nothing concrete has happened but I feel this fog surrounding me

    Good to know that thoughts alone can cause depression, anxiety and suffering.

    Also suffering is part of life. Nothing is wrong with us or the world. We whither and die so suffering will visit each one of us.

    Accept that external stimuli can bring suffering without us failing or doing anything wrong

    I have to remind myself to feel whatever is present.

    Excellent topic sorry if I rambled


  2. I think when we don’t know our feelings are universal or that we believe we are alone in our pain, it can definitely lead to a long path of suffering, but once we ‘do’ know that we are responsible for these feelings and the practice that can move us through and out to the other side, then the decision is different. We either become empowered by this knowledge and ability to change our circumstances or we continue to project our pain onto others and stay the victim in this story. 🙂

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  3. Thank you for that Virtual HUG dear Val, I am sure many who find themselves often feeling alone, will find comfort in your wisdom here Val.. I often find my peace here within this turmoil that bubbles within the world today..
    Thank you for creating such a special place.. ❤


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