Find Yer Middle Groond

The remarkable and highly talented Esme from Esme’s Cloud wrote a hilarious post recently called The Anatomy of a Blogger

She wrote a perfect rendition of what this blog is about in the Scots dialect. Here is a wee taste of her naughty genius:

“Yer meddle groond is all aboot steppin’ awa’ from stressful days an’ anxious wee minds, an’ tekin’ time tae pause an’ smell tha porridge oota space an’ feckin’ time, chillin’ ya crabbit bahoochie, ya scunners — yer a long time deid see? Mi sen ah wraights wudz aboot findin’ this place o’ connection, this Hogmanay o’ contentment an’ peace in the haighlands an’ loolands o’ life. I calls it oor Meddle Groond — like the feckin’ wee spot yer stood on that’s nay awa’ tae the left or raight, d’ya ken?”

Thank you for the mention and sharing your remarkable insight and wisdom from your cloud Esme. Lang may your lum reek 💕

For readers out there – Come back to that feckin wee spot yer stood in and find contentment!

Enjoy the bonny loons in their kilts.

Be not small timorous beasties but stand in yer ground … and enjoy every mouthful of yer porridge.

35 thoughts on “Find Yer Middle Groond

  1. So fun. Weird I read it straight through and totally got it. Got to be in my dna. And a refusal to watch most Hollywood productions for years now. Much prefer the BBC where we get exposed to such things 🤗 also literature, come to think. Aloha! 💕

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  2. Absolutely sensational! And you’ve taken Esme Cloud’s gentle ribbing so very well indeed Val — I’m sure I would’ve run off the blogosphere in a fit of pique. Just remind me what a crabbit bahoochie is, would you? H ❤

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