Sit Down and Enjoy the Ride

yoga class

“This anxiety or queasiness in the face of impermanence isn’t something that afflicts just a few of us; it’s an all-pervasive state that human beings share.
But rather than being disheartened by the ambiguity, the uncertainty of life, what if we accepted it and relaxed into it?
What if we said, “Yes, this is the way it is; this is what it means to be human,” and decided to sit down and enjoy the ride? “

~ Pema Chodron

Sit down and enjoy the ride.

No matter where you are, join me today!

14 thoughts on “Sit Down and Enjoy the Ride

  1. I love Pema, she speaks beautiful deep wisdom and truth, but as I discovered on my journey, it takes time to integrate this knowledge. When I face a parent who has just lost their child, it is impossible to believe this is a ride we get used to or adapt to, but with practice surrendering and accepting this ride over many years, this is exactly how we heal. Thanks for sharing Val 💚💕

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