Time is Precious

This is for Jean, and everyone who may be caught up in the demands and stress of life nowadays. Make time to nurture yourself. It is truly one of your most precious gifts.


pearl necklace

“When we waste our time, its is like plucking the pearls from a dazzling necklace one by one and throwing them away.
But when we use time well, each minute adds another jewel to enhance the beauty of our lives.
Because time is our life, it is very precious, and we need to learn to treasure it.”

~ Tarthang Tulku


46 thoughts on “Time is Precious

  1. Time is our most valuable and irreplaceable commodity ~ a bank account which mandates daily withdrawals, prohibits deposits, and pays dividends when we spend it wisely.

    Make the most of this moment . . . youโ€™ll never pass this way again.

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  2. Indeed. Self care is sometimes more important than caring for others. If our well is empty, we aren’t able to allow others to drink.

    What are your favorite ways to care for self?

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  3. So very true, Val.
    For me, that’s one of the freedoms I have in (early) retirement. That time to nurture and take care of me, instead of the stressful life I had when working full-time.

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  4. I always need more time in every day. So much to get done that I only sleep a few hours. That is not working. Every moment is precious as you said. None to waste. I thought I would have more time as I got older, I just seem to have more to fill that time.

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