We are like crystals


hanging crystal

Each one of us is unique with many facets

Wherever the light touches us we shine

When we move with the light we express all of who we are

We reflect light on to others

And we allow the light within us to shine more brightly

Together, we bring more light to the world. 

I am letting the light radiate from my yoga facet this morning with some of my favorite peeps at Watts of Yoga in Media and then at IKEA’s North American headquarters.

How will you shine your light today?

31 Comments on “We are like crystals

  1. Ohhhh, my light will shine far more brilliantly once I get my massage 😉 I’ve been on the road nearly a month and so glad to be home to my gardens and dogs! 😀

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  2. What a wonderful question, “how will your light shine today?” Simply taking the time to look each person that I come across in the eye, smile and ask how they are doing. We can move to fast and forget to shine!


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