Celebrating Diversity

Smile along with me as you watch these Three Beautiful Human Minutes from Asker Leth and TV2 Denmark. He asks some great questions that bring “US” all together.

26 thoughts on “Celebrating Diversity

    • Its a great exercise Nancy. If companies can do it, what can’t the government? Lets get Congress and the Senate to do it. They are so divided I think they can’t see that it is not natural or humane to be constantly judging, attacking and defending.


  1. Oh Val.. this was a beautiful share.. hearts so full right now.. I hope as we here unite and share our hearts can show one another that we are not separate but we are no different..
    The world may give us all labels.. but when we break those labels apart.. We are Human Beings.. With HEARTS.. and MINDS.. and SOULS… May we all of us join together as ONE BODY.. to show the WORLD the LOVE its forgotten how to share..

    Wonderful choice Val.. just wonderful ❀

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  2. I saw this on Facebook yesterday, and loved it’s message. Diversity is something we all strive for, but it’s not as easy as it sounds, particularly when the diversity means dealing with those who think very differently than we do. That’s why I especially like this: it shows that we have things in common with everyone!

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