* Sitting Still

sitting meditation

“People began doing (yoga) postures so they could sit for a long time.
And what will happen if you sit longer? Conflicts will disappear. You will feel calm.
So learn to sit first before you talk about meditation.”

~ Vijayendra Pratap

I enjoy this practical approach. So many beginners try to meditate when their mind is hyperactive or they feel overwhelmed and distracted. Just sitting down and expecting your mind to be still doesn’t work.

Taking time to prepare for sitting meditation is important for beginners and practitioners alike.

Yoga postures prepare us by moving the body and stretching while focusing on the breath.

At the beginning you are able to sit for a bit and notice what is alive in you: your thoughts, emotions, body sensations, resistance or judgments about what the experience should be like…

In meditation you learn to embrace everything that comes up.

Focusing on the breath will help you keep coming back to each moment.

Remember meditation isn’t about getting anywhere.

Its about finding where you already are.

In that knowing is where peace resides.

23 thoughts on “* Sitting Still

  1. Good reminder! A few weeks ago I sat to meditate and couldn’t settle, couldn’t settle, and couldn’t settle. I couldn’t get my mind to stop and then I started fidgeting. First time in ages, I stopped the practice, right then and there. I stepped away, did a few other things and regrouped. I was able to come back later and have a very successful meditation. It was a good lesson – there are somethings I can’t always control or force to do my will! πŸ™‚


  2. I tried meditation once or twice before I went to a yoga class, and my mind never once settled down. But during the quiet time at the end of a yoga session, I do begin to feel the benefits of meditation. It must be the breathing and focusing on my body that prepares my mind to settle down and let go of distractions, but whatever it is, I really appreciate it!

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